Just walked under a ladder? Black cat crossed your path? Don’t worry, those superstitions are kid stuff, compared to these 7 spooky superstitions...


1. Take that gum out of your mouth!

gum chewing superstition










If it’s after midnight and you’re still chewing gum, it’s said the gum will turn into the rotten, decaying flesh of dead people. Not quite that minty breath-freshener you wanted!


2. No, you stand there….

selfie superstition

Long before everyone was taking photographs on their phones, a superstition arose that claimed if three people are photographed together, the one in the middle will be first to die. Maybe we’ll stick to selfies!


3. Don’t answer the door

door knock superstition

If you will insist upon opening your door after hearing a knock and there’s no-one there, open the door wide for a few seconds to let the good spirit in. If there are more knocks, ignore them, because it is now, according to legend, an evil spirit! Or a double glazing salesman.


4. Take a rain check

umbrella superstition














We all know it’s bad luck to open an umbrella inside. But even if you close it, don’t drop it on the floor, because if this crazy superstition is to be believed there will be a murder in the house! Perhaps just easier to dump the brolly and move to Florida!


5. Where’s the baby?

baby superstition

If you’re a mum who’s given birth, it’s claimed you should wait 40 days before taking the baby out in public or showing it to anyone, even your family and friends (except dad). This way, it’s reckoned no negative energy or evil entity will latch onto your precious one. Of course, you will go slightly stir-crazy. But mums do anyway.


6. Honey, are you awake?

wedding night superstition

On your wedding night, one spooky superstition says it must be hubby that locks the front door, not the missus or there will be a row. Also, the first to fall asleep on your wedding night is reckoned to be the first to die. Maybe it’s better to stay up all night fighting.


7. Take a deep breath…

cemetery superstition










And hold that breath, if you are walking past a cemetery. Otherwise it’s reckoned you will breathe in the spirit of someone who has recently died. And that’s just uncomfortable (and will quite possibly give you halitosis!)