They trip off our tongue but many well-known expressions are totally random and some even contradict each other. People really should think before they speak (ooh, that one works!)


In our trawl through those idioms that trip off the tongue all too quickly, we found a pattern emerged. If they weren’t contradictory, they actually slotted conveniently into a kind of theme. So here’s our guide to some words of both wisdom and non-wisdom!


Food for thought

silly sayings: food for thought


Many hands make light work. We get this. If lots of people muck in, the tasks are completed more quickly. But it gets complicated when we throw Too many cooks spoil the broth into the mix! Best Take that with a pinch of salt ie, don’t pay it too much heed. And certainly Don’t cry over spilt milk because what’s done is done, basically… Feeling wrung out now? Well, If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen!


Under pressure?

silly sayings: practice makes perfect


Phew! We’ve got out of the kitchen as suggested… but this reference fits to all situations where we feel the strain. So if, in the words of Spandau Ballet, You don’t need this pressure on, then take heed of this vomit-inducing nugget: Love is stronger than the pressure to be perfect! However, who hasn’t been told Practice makes perfect? Again, we’re at loggerheads as Nobody’s perfect after all. Confused? Oh, yes…


Work at it

silly sayings: work at it


Perfection is high on the list in our working lives. Nobody wants to be described as a Jack of all trades and master of none. We like to excel in our area of expertise and will Go back to the drawing board to get it right, if necessary. Well, If you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail. Harsh, but true. There’s also the belief that tradesman leave their skills at the door… as Cobblers children are the worse shod. Seems once dad’s home, he downs tools. This also applies to a faulty fusebox in an electrician’s house – which, of course, is a lot more dangerous!


Health and safety gone mad?!

silly sayings: woman eating biscuit


Danger plays a big part in our everyday lives. Warnings, though, can be sinister, such as: Curiosity killed the cat we really hope it didn’t! But if that means don’t poke our non-moggy noses where we shouldn’t, OK then. Better to be safe than sorry we suppose… But hang on: Never was anything achieved without danger and Don’t bite off more than you can chew (choke-risk!) even when trying to realise our dreams. But if we want to come up with an invention that’s The Best thing since sliced bread (which means something amazing), then we might need a little help along the way. And we all know that… Many hands make light work (see what we did there!).


Which silly sayings do you think are ridiculous?