They say that we all have psychic abilities, but most of us don't tap into them. If you have a strong psychic sense, you might be noticing some of these signs...


1. Gut feelings

You might call it a gut feeling, but psychics call it clairsentience – the ability to sense things that don’t come from your logical brain. Think of all the times you’ve trusted your hunch about someone when meeting them and it turned out to be right…

2. Sensing spider webs



One thing that’s often reported by people developing their psychic abilities is the sensation of a spider web on your skin, when no spider web physically exists. The belief is that what you’ve actually felt is a spirit and you’re in tune with that world.

3. Deja vu

Deja vu is a feeling of having already experienced a present situation. One theory to explain this is that someone with psychic ability receives information from other times and places, either consciously or unconsciously.

4. Mind’s eye visions



Mind’s eye visions can be still images or moving pictures that you see when you close your eyes. They can be symbolic, and can reflect the past as well as predicting the future.  If you experience these and what you see feels significant, you could be psychic.

5. Sensitivity to temperature

People with psychic abilities often report feeling hot or cold spots that others can’t feel. One of the ways spirits can interact with the physical world is by changing the temperature, so you could be feeling this and not knowing it.

6. Seeing colours



An aura is the energy that a person gives off, and one psychic skill is the ability to see and read these auras. If you notice different colours around people you encounter, it could mean you have this skill. But make sure you get your eyes tested first to rule out medical problems.