Do you ever hear bumps in the night, or feel like someone is watching you? Look out for these signs to see if you're sharing your home with a ghost or spirit...


1. Pets making a noise for no reason

Does your dog ever randomly start barking at a particular part of the room for no obvious reason? Unexplained noises and strange behaviour from animals can be a sign they can see something you can’t…

2. Feeling cold in a particular area of the house or room

If the air around you suddenly becomes icy cold, this could mean a spirit is close by.

3. Unexplained noises

Do you hear knocking, scratching, or banging noises? These noises can be quiet or loud, and even occur when no one else is in the house.

4. Items disappear, then re-appear with no explanation

This has happened to everyone – not being able to find something in the same place you leave it everyday, only to find it in that exact place later on. It seems they could have been ‘borrowed’…

5. Doors closing when no one is there

It is rare for people to see this one happening, but many have reported hearing a door slam on it’s own, or finding doors shut they’re sure they left open.

6. Lights turning on or off on their own

Similarly to the doors, you might not see this happening, but can return to a room to notice the light has been turned on or off by someone, or something. This can also happen with your TV or radio.

7. Feeling like you’re being watched

If you always feel like someone’s watching you, especially in the same area of the house, it could be down to paranormal activity.

8. Unexplained stains or marks on your floor, walls and furniture

Physical evidence your house is haunted can appear in the form of marks, footprints, handprints or writing.



9. Strange shadows

Spotting dark shadows and shapes out of the corner of your eye could be a sighting of a spirit.

10. Small children talking to people that aren’t there

If you see your child chatting away to someone who isn’t there, there’s a chance they could be speaking to a spirit, or have lived a past life

11. Feeling like you’re being touched

Some people have experienced being touched and even punched by spirits. This is incredibly rare though.

12. Whispering sounds

Hearing muffled voices or music can be a sign spirits have entered your home and are trying to communicate with you.


Do you think your house could be haunted? Let us know in the comments…