Got a hot date? You’ll want to look and feel gorgeous, so why not help things along. No, we’re not talking make-up - a little magic will make things go with a sch-wing!


Lust magnet

If you want your date to fancy the pants off you (and you know who they are, and you’ve got a few days to prepare yourself!) take a pink candle and inscribe their name on it. Light the candle at 9pm and let it burn for 9 minutes. Repeat this every day for 9 nights, then bury the candle. This is powerful magic – so make sure you really want your love object to lust after you!


Strokeable skin

For glowing, lustrous skin that your date will just want to stroke, try this ancient Romany remedy. Mix one egg with a tablespoon each of honey and milk. Beat together and apply to face and neck. Leave for 15 minutes, then wash off with warm water followed by cold water. You’ll find more gypsy beauty secrets like this one.


Glamour girl

Take a leaf from the books of the fairy folk, and cast a sense of glamour that will enhance all your best aspects and make you appear visually stunning and irresistibly charming! The most important aspect is intent – you have to really, really believe what you’re saying. Stand in front of a mirror and look deep into your own eyes. Say, ‘Beautiful inside and out, let my inner goddess out. Tonight I’d like to make him mine, Sweet goddess Venus, help me shine!’ This spell (and any beauty spell) is most powerful done on a Friday – the day dedicated to Venus.


Pillow talk

Lavender is used extensively in witchcraft, and is famous for its attraction power and ability to promote sexual arousal. It’s also said to increase longevity, so if there’s a chance he (or she) might be coming back to yours, sprinkle a few drops of lavender water or oil on your pillow!


Spice it up

Cinnamon has been used in love potions since Medieval times. It’s well known for spicing things up in the bedroom. Believe it or not curries – which often contain cinnamon as well as other libido-boosting spices such as cloves and anise – are aphrodisiacs. If he’s not up for a spicy feast on a first date, a perfume with notes of cinnamon, such as Vivienne Westwood’s Boudoir or The Body Shop’s Cinnamon Spice Perfume Oil, is sure to set his pulse rating!