We all know life's a beach, but these artists have taken sand castles to a new level...


Time and tide wait for no man! These artists, from around the world, have created amazing pieces of sand art. All the more amazing when you think they’ll all soon be washed away.


Handy with the sand

Sand art by Ross Andrews in Kent

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Sand artist Ross Andrews races against the tide on Ramsgate beach in Kent. Here he is using a rake to create his freestyle designs, which he says he doesn’t pre-plan.

Sand art by Ross Andrews in Kent

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Castles in the sky

sand art castle in Guernsey

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Popular holiday spot Guernsey is topped off with this impressive sand castle.


Scary faces

Sand art at Weston-super-mare

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These scary chaps were scuplted for the Weston Sand Sculpture festival…

Sand art at Weston sand sculpture festival

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…and here, Helena Bangert from Holland works on a sculpture of King Kong.



Artists work on their sand art piece during the sand sculpture festival. (Photo: PA Photos)

Artists work on their art piece during the sand sculpture festival. (Photo: PA Photos)

Another palatial creation here as artists from around the world create a fantasy world based on characters of Disneyland.


Brighton Rock

Sand art mermaid in Brighton

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Sculptor Barney Trattles puts the final touches to his music-themed sand sculpture ahead of the start of the Sing-a-Song of Sculpture festival in Brighton.


Mermaid madness

Mermaid sand art

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The Dead Sea carved by Susanne Ruseler at the Under the Sea sand sculpture exhibition in Frankston, south of Melbourne.


Strange beach beasts

Dutch artist Theo Jansen has invented these strange and wonderful walking sculptures powered by the wind.


These sand art beauties put our sand castle efforts to shame! Have you seen any amazing sculptures whilst on your holidays?