Britain’s got us blushing! We've had plenty of fun putting together a list of the rudest place names in Britain - for no other reason than they made us giggle!

In Britain…


Broadbottom, Cheshire

Brown Willy, Cornwall

Cocking, West Sussex

Dicks Mount, Suffolk

Rimswell, East Riding of Yorkshire


Backside, Aberdeenshire

Twatt, Orkney

East Breast, Inverclyde

Bladda, Paisley


Bullyhole Bottom, Monmouthshire

Sodom, Denbighshire

Three Cocks, Breconshire

Northern Ireland

Dickey’s Town

And now for the rest of the world…

Britain isn’t the only country with place names to make you laugh! When you’re booking your next holiday, you might want to consider these destinations…

rudest place names in Britain: NZ-ShagPoint


Tit, Algeria

Anus, Philippines

Spanker Knob, Australia

Stiff, France

Pee, Liberia

Assawoman, USA

Slut, Sweden

Wankie, Zimbabwe

Gland, Switzerland

Shit, Iran

Shag Point, New Zealand


Can you think of any more? Or do you live in a town with one of the rudest place names in Britain? Let us know below!