Check in to artificial intelligence's new hotel, Henn-na. Where the robots do all the hard work for you…


A hotel run mainly by robots? Impossible, we hear you say! But Japan is set to open the doors to its futuristic getaway, run mostly by metal heads, in July this year. Imagine what it would be like to enter the world of silicon cyborgs at the Henn-na hotel (translated as ‘Strange Hotel’ in English)…

Forget Wall-E and Johnny Five, these robots look suspiciously like living, breathing, blinking (yes, blinking) young Japanese women. The battery-powered porters might even break a sweat when they take your bags to your room.

Robot run hotel: Robot staff

Photo: HUIS TEN BOSCH/J-16259

Instead of keys, the hotel uses face recognition to let you into your room. But what happens when you’ve had one too many beers in the hotel bar, and the computer says ‘no’ to your blurry face? Will a Handyman android fix the problem? We’d happily sit back and enjoy a Diet Coke break while a hunky humanoid puts his spanner to work.

And no doubt some of the male occupants at the hotel wouldn’t be adverse to a French maid machine fluffing up their pillows or bringing an extra blanket or two. But forget calling room service when you need a herbal tea to drift off the sleep – it’s all done via a tablet in this revolutionary hotel.

Yes, AI can pour you a cuppa in your high-tech room, where the heating is controlled by your own body temp. But be careful not to spill – we all know that technology and liquids do not mix well. A simple ‘turn it off and back on again’ might not do the job here.

And with rooms only costing from £40 a night at the Henn-na, you wouldn’t want to add the cost of robot repair on to your bill!


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