It's regularly billed as the toughest job in the world, and now here's absolute proof busy mums are on call 24/7...

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Most Googled questions by busy mums

When Google UK analysed the Internet search trends of busy mums, a pattern emerged. There was no 9 to 5, no clocking off – and absoultely no peaceful nights’ sleep!

The question ‘when do babies start teething?’ is most searched for by bleary-eyed, exhausted new parents at 4am in the morning. No doubt after they’ve been wrenched from sleep for the umpteenth time by a crying baby who just can’t settle.

‘When do babies crawl’ is most searched for at 3am, along with ‘when do babies roll over’…perhaps by mums trying to soothe wide-awake tots back to sleep – and hoping they’ll soon be tiring themselves out crawling round the house!

So now check out the top-10 searches by busy mums…

Top questions on babies in the UK in 2015

1. When do babies start teething? (Most searched at 4am)

2. When do babies crawl? (Most searched at 3am)

3. What will my baby look like? ( Most searched at 10pm)

4. When do babies smile? (Most searched at 2am)

5. When is my baby due? (Most searched at 8pm)

6. How to have a baby? (Most searched at 2am)

7. When do babies start talking? (Most searched at 11pm)

8. When do babies sit up? (Most searched at 11pm)

9. When do babies roll over? (Most searched at 3am)

10. When will I feel my baby move? (Most searched at 10pm)

Top questions asked about newborns in 2015

1. How do I make my baby sleep?

2. How many feeds does a newborn need?

3. Which type of bedding should I use for a newborn?

4. What should a newborn baby sleep in?

5. How much milk should a newborn drink in a day?

6. How much milk should I express for my newborn baby?

7. How do I handle and carry a newborn baby?

8. How soon can I take my baby swimming?

9. When does attachment to a newborn baby begin?

10. When do babies cry tears?

Google apps has now introduced several new features to help new and busy mums save time.

And if this wasn’t proof enough, a video of candidates interviewing for the world’s toughest job went viral last year, and has almost reached 25 million hits!