Psychics say that Italy's leading fortune-telling cards can make you a millionaire!


Italian psychics believe you can use cards to predict the winning lottery numbers. You just need the Italian national fortune-telling deck, the Vera Sibilla…

4 of Hearts

The art and skill of reading cards is called cartomancy and has been part of Italian culture for over 200 years.

Every region in Italy has its own individual tarot deck – but most people keep quiet about this. That’s because there’s a stigma attached to fortune-telling. The Catholic Church refers to the Vera Sibilla as the ‘Devil’s Bible’.

Despite this, these cards are so popular in Italy that the Vera Sibilla deck can be found in any local newsagent or tobacco shop – that’s down to their reputation for uncompromising and stunningly accurate predictions!


The cards have another, less scary, nickname; that of ‘the chatty ones’ (le chiaccherine).

This is because of the talkative way in which they ‘speak’ of what they see, spilling the beans on everything and everyone. You just have to know how to get them talking!

The Vera Sibilla is great for predicting lottery numbers, as each card contains its own individual numbers that relate specifically to the modern lottery. All you need is a pack of Vera Sibilla cards, which you can buy online.

Here’s what you do:

Shuffle the cards, focusing on the lottery you want to win, its name (the UK Lottery for example) and symbol or logo. What you’re going to do next is known as the ‘Mystic Pick’ spread.

Shuffle your Vera Sibilla cards 13 times and cut them.

Choose the first card from the top half and the second from the bottom.

Then, put the first stack of cards underneath the second. Continue in this way until you have the necessary numbers of cards to fill your ticket.

After drawing your cards, use them to give yourself a three-card reading. Simply deal yourself three cards. The combinations you get are the key that unlocks future potential…

The combination Fortune + Letter + Comforting Surprise – pictured below – is the classic hand that indicates a winning lottery ticket.


Should you get Haughtiness + Happiness + The Lunatics – pictured below – the Vera Sibilla cards are warning you that you have chosen the winning lottery numbers, but you’ve played them on the wrong lottery!

combination 2

Alessandra Venturi is the author of Mystic Pick: Predicting The Lottery with the Vera Sybilla, available through Sainsburys eBooks.