You never know when or where Cupid's arrow will strike. Here's proof that there's someone – or something – out there for everyone!


The man who’s slept with 1,000 cars!

Man Has Slept With Over 1000 Cars

Edward Smith likes his lovers to be fast, noisy and easy to wash! Yep, Edward has a crush on cars.

Having had 1,000 car lovers, 63-year-old Edward shows no signs of slowing down just yet.

Now see the video of Edward explaining why he loves cars – literally.


The 31-year-old with a 91-year-old girlfriend!

Cougar Hunter - 31-year-old has 91-year-old Girlfriend

Handsome Kyle likes his women to be a bit more mature than most men his age – about six decades more mature, actually!

Self-confessed cougar-hunter Kyle finds wrinkles and saggy bits to be sexy, but he also enjoys the more mature conversations he can share with older women.

In this eye-opening video, Kyle reveals all about being a cougar-hunter.


The woman who married an 8-year-old!

8-Year-Old Boy Marries 61-Year-Old Woman

Thankfully, this isn’t quite as wrong as it sounds. Young Sanele told his mum that he had been visited in a dream by his dead grandfather, urging the boy to marry. Fearing the consequences of disobeying the order, Sanele’s mum set about finding her son a ‘wife’.

The family insist the ‘wedding’ was merely a ceremony and Sanele will be free to fall in love and find himself a proper wife of his own age when he is older.

Now watch the unusual wedding video!


The dogs who got married!

Newly-Wed Dogs Go On Their Honeymoon

Mugly and Lola married in a £20,000 ceremony. Nothing too odd about that – apart from the fact that Mugly and Lola are mutts!

The Yorkie and Chinese Crested tied the knot – or should that be tied the lead! – in a lavish do, and even arranged a honeymoon by the seaside. Lucky hounds!

See how wedded bliss suits these married mutts in the video.


The man with 240 love dolls!

The World's Biggest Collection Of Love Dolls

‘The Hugh Hefner of the love doll world’ is how Bob Gibbins is described. Take one look around his house and you’ll see why. Wherever you look, there are scantily clad love dolls – even in the kitchen!

Bob admits to finding the dolls attractive – and believes most red-blooded males would agree – but he stops short of any physical action.

See Bob’s £80,000 love doll collection in the video.


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