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Fighting for world domination

In the early 19th century, the great French leader, Napoleon Bonaparte embarked on a series of wars (now known as the Napoleonic Wars) intended to turn France into the major world power.

Although he seized most of Europe in this way, he was such a fan of the oracle that he wouldn’t make an important decision without checking his own personal one.

He consulted his oracle on a daily basis and made decisions accordingly. But what was this mysterious method of divination?

Well, the original transcript of Napoleon’s Oracle was written in ancient Egyptian and was believed to have come from one of the royal tombs during a French military expedition in 1801.

Napoleon had the manuscript translated and swore by its advice ever after.

It aided his plans for world domination, never leaving his side until his army were defeated in 1813 in Leipzig. Shortly after this, Napoleon’s Oracle went missing. He and his troops were then routed in the Battle of Waterloo in present-day Belgium.

Napoleon’s original oracle was very hard to devise and the original questions were written in a language that no longer applies to our modern life, so we’ve adapted it so that you can ask the oracle your own questions…

The questions

Pick a question from below:

  1. Will I get my wish?
  2. Will I be successful?
  3. Will I win or lose?
  4. Will I travel abroad?
  5. Will my love return?
  6. Will I get justice?
  7. Can this person be trusted?
  8. Will I get a job with travel?
  9. Does he/she love me?
  10. Will I get married?
  11. What will my spouse be like?
  12. Will I have a boy or girl?
  13. Will I get better?
  14. Will life get better?
  15. Will I be lucky?
  16. What does my dream mean?
  17. Will I find my dream job?
  18. Will I pass my test?
  19. Will they be helpful?
  20. When will I find love?

Star system

Consider your question and, without thinking, make a series of star marks four times. You can make as many star marks as you like between 1 and 9 on each line…

Napoleon oracle stars

Next, add up how many stars you’ve made on each line. This example shows 4,7,9,3. Add them together to get a total. If the total is more than 9, add the two digits together again and again until you get a final total adding up to no more than 9. Our example comes to 23, so we will add 2 + 3 to give a final total of 5. You can now consult Napoleon’s Oracle below…

Napoleon oracle chart

Ask again

If you receive an answer that tells you to ask again, wait 24 hours before doing so.

If you still get the same answer, the oracle can’t answer you at this time. If you get an answer that you don’t like, don’t keep on trying. Go with that first answer. You instinctively know the answers to your questions, which are stored away in your subconscious.

Napoleon’s Oracle is a tool to help you discover your destiny, potential and possible outcomes.

Did you know?

  • Napoleon married Josephine, six years his senior, in 1796. Her birth name was Rose, but Napoleon didn’t like it and called her Josephine instead. Both were notorious for having affairs during their marriage.
  • Napoleon used to keep a small bottle of poison around his neck in case he was ever captured. He wore it for many years and when he was in Paris in 1814 and close to being defeated, he drank the poison, but it was so old by then that it didn’t kill him. It just made him sick.
  • Napoleon spent the last six years of his life on the island of Saint Helena. He died of stomach cancer, but some believe he was poisoned by arsenic.


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