Want to get your cash flowing? Simple! Turn yourself into a money magnet using your inner psychic power...


Over the last year, food prices have rocketed and our gas and electricity bills have gone through the roof. It’s easy to feel helpless in the face of rising costs.

It doesn’t have to be this way, says Doktor Snake is the UK’s leading voodoo man providing voodoo spells & spellcasting.  He reckons every one of us has a unique psychic power called Faculty X, which can be harnessed to keep your head above water, and even thrive, during times of hardship.

Here’s how!

1. Prove yourself

Our lives are shaped by our thoughts. If we think ‘poverty’, it can have a very negative effect on our finances. So the key is to think positive, money-attracting thoughts.

What to do:

Pick one of the thought-patterns below and repeat 10 times to yourself, three times a day. Do this for a week, taking weekends off.

1. ‘I deserve to be prosperous and wealthy.’

2. ‘I am one with the power that is materialising my desires.’

3. ‘My financial life is easy.’

4. ‘All shortages are temporary.’

5. ‘My creativity brings me an endless stream of practical ideas to increase my income.’

Choose another phrase the following week, and so on for five weeks. According to Doktor Snake, it shouldn’t take long before you begin to see your finances improving!

2. Easy pickings

Shamans in ancient times used magic to help them with their hunting. In those days, the only way to eat was to kill animals and gather fruit and nuts.

Today that has been displaced and we have to ‘hunt’ for money to live. Apart from the fact we don’t need spears, the principle is the same. So try this to make your hunt a little easier.

Here’s what to do:

Shamans used cave paintings to depict a successful hunt. You can do the same. But instead of going to a cave, simply use your backyard or anywhere secluded where there’s a strip of concrete or Tarmac that you can draw on using coloured chalks.

Spend a few minutes breathing deeply and calming your mind. Then kneel down and draw a few pictures of yourself receiving money.

You could draw yourself holding a cheque for £1,000, or even a million! Write words like money and wealth, along with your initials.

Make your drawing colourful. Use lots of greens (the colour of money and growth) and colours that feel right to you.

When you’re done, take a moment to still your mind and align yourself with the forces of fate. Then leave your chalk ‘cave painting’ to either fade in the sunshine or be washed away by the rain.

3. Prayer time

Shinto is a spiritual practice carried out by more than 100 million people in Japan.

The following technique takes a leaf from its book and involves praying directly to your ‘spirit soul’, or to the power of Faculty X itself, for wealth.

Here’s what to do:

To have your prayer for wealth answered, you’ll need complete belief and confidence that your  wish will be fulfilled.

You’ll need to formulate in your mind that wealth is already yours and it’s only a matter of time before the money manifests itself.

Don’t ever doubt it – even if the wolves are at the door. Hold the idea of prosperity in your mind every day.  Make the feeling one of quiet confidence, rather than frantic desperation.

In Shinto Master Motohisa Yamakage’s book, The Essence of Shinto, he says: ‘If you are determined about something from the bottom of your heart and  you can maintain the determination for a long time, it will certainly be realised. This is the power of the human mind, and the power of the human spirit soul.’

Good luck!

Complied by Doktor Snake