For many elderly and disabled people, mobility scooters are a lifeline. You don’t need tax, insurance or a licence to drive one, and there’s no legal requirement to have passed a special ‘mobility scooter’ driving test either. But judging by the following bunch of mobility scooter maniacs, we kind of wish there was!


The Sunday driver

An elderly man on a mobility scooter had a coach load of German tourists in hysterics after refusing to pull over and allow them to pass.

The pensioner, whose scooter was burning rubber at a blistering 5mph, was either oblivious to the fact he was causing a massive traffic jam in Edinburgh back in November 2013, or he simply didn’t care.

Check out the German tourists’ amusement on this video, filmed from their coach.


The drunk driver



Sozzled Amanda Leaff, 46, was arrested back in 2009 after stealing a mobility scooter from an Asda store in Oldham and attempting to drive the 10-mile journey back to her home.

Pickled Leaff, who’d managed to drive more than two miles despite being more than twice over the legal drink drive limit, was nicked after an off-duty police officer spotted her driving ‘erratically’.

Admiting driving a mobility scooter while unfit through drink and taking a vehicle without consent at Oldham Magistrates, Leaff was banned from driving for 20 months.

In court she claimed she would have returned the scooter, but just wanted to save on a taxi fare.


The ‘Scooter Rage’ tragedy

A man in a mobility scooter was so enraged when he missed a shopping centre lift that he drove at the door twice, ramming it so hard that he burst through the doors and plunged 19ft to his death down the lift shaft.

The incident, which happened in a shopping centre in Daejon, South Korea back in August 2010 and involved a 40-year-old man known only as Mr Lee, was captured on CCTV.


The brawling grannies

Yelling Old Lady


 Two elderly women on mobility scooters had to be dragged apart after brawling in the aisle of an Iceland supermarket back in July 2008.

The grumpy grans screamed abuse as they exchanged blows and rammed their mobility scooters into one another.

A shelf-stacker at the store in Crawley, West Sussex said: ‘They could have been seriously hurt. They were ramming each other like dodgems.’


The bonkers delivery man

A man on a mobility scooter was filmed carrying an enormous roll of carpet as he drove along a road in Somerset back in September 2010.

Though police said laws governing the unsafe carriage of goods didn’t apply to mobility scooters, the motorist who filmed the incident, Gary McKenna said: ‘Cars were nearly hitting him. He could’ve got seriously hurt and his family wouldn’t like that.’