The can pinch, they go grey far too quickly and you can't wait to whip them off at the end of the day. But after you read these stories of lifesaving bras, you might look at the contents of your undie drawer very differently... These bloomin' bravellous stories are sure to give you a lift!


Bra to the rescue… Shot in the chest!



As a German woman cycled through countryside near the town of Gadebusch, in August 2015, she’d no idea that she and her hubby had taken a turn into the path of a wild boar hunt.

Well, not until the holidaymaker felt an agonising pain to her chest, and looked down to see her bra underwire had become warped.

Just then, her husband spotted a hunting party in an adjoining field and they realised what had happened. She’d been accidentally shot!

Miraculously, the unnamed woman, 41, only suffered from bruising and police believe her bra saved her life, by making the stray bullet ricochet off her body.

‘The woman’s underwear did her a very valuable service,’ added a spokesman.


Bra to the rescue… Head-on collision!



A horror car smash saw Lisa Somerville from a town near Glasgow, recovering in to hospital with a punctured lung, cracked ribs and a broken nose.

But it could have been so much worse.

Self-conscious about her AAA cup breasts, Lisa, 28, had been wearing two boob-boosting ‘chicken fillets’ in each cup of her bra at the time of the accident.

And it was only them that had stopped her broken ribs from piercing her heart, leaving her life on the line.

Lisa was reported as saying:  ‘I hated my chicken fillets, constantly fearing they’d fall out at the most embarrassing moment. But that night, for the first time, I was glad of them.’


Bra to the rescue… Hiking disaster!



While hiking in the Bavarian Alps in June 2008, Colorado native Jessica Bruinsma was hit by bad weather. As she climbed down some rocks, she slipped, falling 15ft.

Alone, with no phone, water or food, Jessica, 24, was left with a dislocated shoulder, broken ribs and a fractured ankle.

Worse, she was hidden from sight, so the helicopters that were sent out to search had little chance of finding her.

Fortunately, Jessica stumbled across a pulley, used by logging companies to haul wood up the mountain.

She took off her sports bra and tied it to the pulley which then shot up 30ft. The next day, a lumberjack tested the cable, revealing Jessica’s bra.

He alerted rescue workers who followed the line down,  and Jessica was discovered. She learned that the rescue mission was due to be called off, until the discovery of her underwear provided a vital clue to her location. Wonderbra or what?