Fancy being a psychic paparazzi? All you need is a bucket of water and a camera! Psychic artist Christine Hamlett shows you how to take photos of the dead!

Psychic-artist Christine Hamlett can take photos of the dead! And she’ll teach you how, too.

She has taken spirit photos of some of the most famous folk who have passed away. Check out her fantastic photos of Elvis, Diana, Jacko and Robin Williams.

1. Robin Williams

Photos of the dead: Robin WilliamsComedian and actor Robin Williams, 63, brought home the notion of ‘tears of a clown’ – the sadness behind his laughter – with his suicide last August. Can you see his face?

2. Princess Diana

Photos of the dead: Princess DianaThirty-six-year-old Princess Diana was killed in a car crash in Paris in 1997. Could she be in spirit watching over Kate Middleton?

3. Michael Jackson

Photos of the dead: Michael JacksonMichael Jackson’s album Thriller is the best-selling album ever! The King Of Pop, who died at 50, still thrills his fans even after death.

4. Elvis Presley

Photos of the dead: ElvisThe king of rock’n’roll, Elvis Presley, may have only been 42 when he passed in 1977, but his incredible music and legend lives on.


So, how can you create your very own photos of the dead…?

– Like Christine, use water – cheap, readily available and thought to be a good medium for taking photos of the dead.

– Next fill a stainless steel container three-quarters full with water. Holding your hands over the water, imagine you’re infusing it with white light.

– Visualise your chakras opening (watch this for help!), and when you feel ready, invite the spirits to show themselves in the water. Swirl the liquid with your fingers, then take photos of it using your camera with the flash on.

– Download the photos onto your laptop and look for faces. You may find it easier to do this in black-and-white – and look closely. Good luck!


Don’t forget to let us know how YOU get on!