Can you tell an Aries from a Scorpio?


Spot the Aries



Element – Fire

Ruled by – Mars

Aries people are initiators and individualists. They thrive on solution finding and have a knack of getting straight to the point, cutting through red tape and finding the positive answer. They have a pioneering spirit and rise to a challenge – just because something has never been done before doesn’t mean that it can’t be done now! An Aries will always fight your corner, but they need your appreciation in return. The need to feel special and prized is an essential ingredient, and in their love life it’s indispensable.


Fiery, go-getting Aries people need to guard against burnout. They can enjoy fabulous health once they learn how to pace themselves. This sign rules the head and early warning signs of depletion are headaches, migraines or sinusitis. They’re also prone to injuries incurred through haste or not recognizing their physical limitations, such as cuts or strains.

In a nutshell: immediate, incisive, direct, dynamic, inspirational, effective.


Spot the Taurus

2010 Taurus 680px high

Element – Earth

Ruled by – Venus

Patient and good-natured, the Taurus approach to life is slow and steady. They tend to play things safe, and prefer to do things in their own way and in their own time. This lies at the root of their legendary obstinate streak, but if you try to rush them, they’ll dig their heels in even deeper. However, when it comes to staying serene under pressure, this sign wins hands down. They don’t get steamed up, unless severely provoked, and often save the day with their huge reserves of common sense and droll sense of humour.


Taureans are hardy and seem to escape the endless list of minor ailments that others are prone to. They have stamina and know how to pace themselves. When their immune system does let them down, they’re susceptible to sore throats, tonsillitis, laryngitis, swollen glands or thyroid problems. Weight is the other issue. As gourmets or comfort eaters, they can pile on the pounds all too easily.

In a nutshell: stoical, reliable, sensuous, appetitive, tolerant, risk averse.


Spot the Gemini

2010 Gemini 680px high

Element – Air

Ruled by – Mercury

Geminis are the Peter Pan of the Zodiac and often look younger than their years. Their enthusiasm is childlike, their approach light and playful, sometimes irreverent. They refuse to take life or authority too seriously, and they’re rarely lost for words. Geminis have butterfly minds, flitting from subject to subject, and they’re natural multi-taskers. Their hands can be busy with one job while their brain is engaged with something entirely different. They can analyse a problem, write a shopping list, eat their lunch and plan a family event simultaneously.


Geminis are prone to hyperactivity, and don’t always notice when their physical energy is running out. They need their downtime. When they fail to pace themselves properly, they can be slowed down through accidents or falls that produce broken bones, strains or injuries mostly to the hands, arms or shoulders. This sign and Mercury between them also rule the respiratory system and problems related to the chest and lungs.

In a nutshell: versatile, animated, talkative, inventive, resourceful, mischievous.


Spot the Cancer

2010 cancer 680px high

Element Water

Ruled by – The Moon

The constantly changing face of the Moon reflects the multifaceted and sensitive Cancerian nature. On a good day, they’re funny, sweet and affectionate, but on a bad day they can be downright crabby, needy or withdrawn – into the famous shell. The top must-have for this sign is to be supported by friends, family and a partner who understand all these different moods, and who know not to take them personally! In return, a Cancerian’s rewards are well worth the effort – a loving care that nothing can shake, and that wonderful clownish sense of humour that always breaks the ice.


As this sign rules the stomach, Cancerians tend to move off their gut reactions. This is where they physically register their feelings and responses to the extent of feeling sick to the stomach when wounded by others. Food allergies, acid stomach, IBS or water retention are common afflictions. The sanctuary of home is tantamount to a health farm, and relaxation in their own space is crucial to their physical and emotional wellbeing.

In a nutshell: protective, cautious, evasive, sympathetic, instinctive, tenacious.


Spot the Leo

2010 leo 680px high

Ruled by The Sun

Element – Fire

Roll out the red carpet and sound the fanfare, royalty is here! Leos are the kings and queens of the Zodiac, and they exude stateliness. You can sometimes recognize a Leo just by the way they walk into a room! Leos value personal dignity and have a way of announcing themselves. They generally have big, warm, generous personalities and they tend to stand out in a crowd.


Both the Sun and Leo rule the heart and the back, the two major “life supports” of the body.

In a nutshell: Creative, proud, warm, self reliant, efficient, assured.


Spot the Virgo

2010 virgo 680px high

Element – Earth

Ruled by – Mercury

Virgo is a thinking sign. Information, feelings and decisions are all fed through some kind of mental sieve, and they have a reputation for perfectionism. Virgos tend to be economical with all resources, and are happiest when they have a place for everything and everything in its place. But under the goody two shoes image is a dry sense of humour and a wonderfully wacky streak!


This sign rules the pancreas and intestines – Virgos need to manage stress, worry or imbalances to avoid intestinal or assimilation problems.

In a nutshell: Fastidious, analytical, diligent, dutiful, quirky, astute


Spot the Libra

2010 libra 680px high

Element – Air

Ruled by – Venus

The constant weighing of the scales and the desire to arrive at a balanced judgment lies at the root of Libra’s reputation for dithering and indecision. They also aim to please, and would rather crawl over broken glass than give offence! Librans are also natural diplomats, with huge amounts of charm, and their powers of negotiation and arbitration are second to none.


In the physical body, Libra rules the kidneys. With their love of good living, Librans need to flush out the old and to keep their lives moving.

In a nutshell: Sociable, charming, indecisive, diplomatic, discursive, fair


Spot the Scorpio

2010 Scorpio 680px high

Element – Water

Ruled by – Mars and Pluto

There is nothing meek and mild about this sign. Even if they come across as easygoing or flippant, don’t be fooled. Emotional intensity is the hallmark of the Scorpio nature and they rarely register indifference, to anything or anyone. You can often sense hidden depths and an iron will behind the mask. Feelings run deep and they can be fiercely loyal or unforgiving with equal purple passion.


In the physical body Scorpio rules the reproductive system and all illnesses or afflictions associated with these parts of the body. With their emotional intensity stress management is vitally important for their well being.

In a nutshell: determined, forceful, thorough, intense, passionate, resourceful.


Spot the Sagittarius

2010 saggi 680px high

Element – Fire

Ruled by – Jupiter

Friendliness is the main Sagittarian hallmark, and they can put even the most uncomfortable person at ease. They place an enormous value on freedom, honesty and truth, and have to learn the difference between outspokenness and tactlessness, but their optimism is infectious. They have an almost childlike trust in the world which somehow creates luck, often at the eleventh hour!


In the physical body, Sagittarius rules the thighs and the whole pelvic area. They’re prone to low back injuries – in spite of their athleticism, Sagittarians can be clumsy! They’re mostly robust but must watch for telltale signs of exhaustion or over indulgence.

In a nutshell: intuitive, spontaneous, optimistic, friendly, enthusiastic, ethical.


Spot the Capricorn

2010 Capricorn 680px high

Element – Earth

Ruled by – Saturn

Capricorns tend towards seriousness, often as a result of missing out on a real childhood in some way and having to grow up too quickly. However, once you break through their natural caution or reserve, it’s a different story. Underneath that formality, Capricorns can be charming, deeply attentive and devastatingly funny. Don’t ever mess with the goalposts though! Saturn types like to know where they stand and need others to observe the rules.


The built for endurance Capricorn has stamina, resilience and usually an efficient immune system. The correct calcium intake, however, is crucial as this sign rules the bones, especially the knees, the teeth, nails and cell walls.

In a nutshell: reserved, serious, industrious, focused, pragmatic, courteous


Spot the Aquarius

2010 aquarius 680px high

Element – Air

Ruled by – Saturn and Uranus

Unusual, quirky and curious Aquarians tend to make sense of the world through logic rather than feelings. They thrive on being organized, placing great value on their own particular way of doing things, and on their often unshakeable convictions. They can challenge your views like no other sign, but they have to learn to agree to disagree! Aquarians need time to build real trust and respect, but emotional bonds, once forged, often lead to a steadfast loyalty.


Aquarius rules the lower legs and the ankles, and also the circulation. They feel the cold more easily than most and they benefit physically and mentally from creating warmth, cosiness and passion in their lives. Regular exercise is also great for staying grounded.

In a nutshell: systematic, impartial, inquisitive, friendly, humane, original.


Spot the Pisces

2010 pisces 680px high

Element – Water

Ruled by – Jupiter and Neptune

Pisceans often have a touching vulnerability about them. This can stem from their sensitivity being overlooked or neglected in their early years. They try hard to meet other people’s expectations but ultimately, finding their own firm sense of self and escaping from the victim role is their true goal. Once they grow in confidence, and trust their legendary instincts, these individuals develop into entertaining, charismatic and deeply empathic souls. Emotional security is always a top must have and they need family, friends or partners with bags of common sense.


In the physical body, Pisces rules the lymphatic system, a vital part of the body’s powers of immunity. Plenty of water, good nutrition and lots of sleep are a must for this sign. Pisces also rules the feet and often suffer problems from wearing ill fitting shoes in childhood!

In a nutshell: sensitive, empathic, artistic, addictive, instinctive, visionary.