Your bloke should be on the ball – and so should you. Getting to know his bits intimately could save his life… Here's how!


The bad news: testicular cancer is the most common cancer in men under 35. The good news: it’s easily cured…as long as it’s caught in time. The hitch? Though it’s easier for fellas to check their balls than have one removed, we bet most don’t. So it’s over to you, as a loving partner, to check ’em for him! (Or at least pass on our, er, ‘handy’ tips…)


When to do it

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The best time is after a bath or shower. The ball sack will be warm and relaxed, so it’s easy to have a good feel around.


How to do it

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OK, here’s what you or your bloke should do with each ball…

– Hold his scrotum in the palm of your hand.

– The first thing to check is the epididymis. It’s the sausage shaped thing at the top of each testicle, and it’s where sperm is stored. Gently apply pressure to it with your thumb and fingers. It should feel slightly tender.

– Now, the spermatic cord. This is the tangle of sinewy stuff going out from the top of each nut. It should feel firm but squidgy. And it should be smooth.

– Last of all, check the testicles themselves. Again, they should be smooth.

– Repeat on the other side, remembering that one testicle is often bigger than the other and hangs lower. Usually (but not always!), it’s the one on his left.


What to look for

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Keep an eye out for:

– A hard lump on the front or side of a testicle

– Swelling or enlargement

– Pain or discomfort in the scrotum

– Unusual differences between one ball and another

– Dull aches in the scrotum, groin or even the lower stomach


Help! I’ve found a lump

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Four in 100 lumps are cancer. But, don’t panic, they can also be caused by many other things, like fluid build-up, or by the balls getting twisted. All the same, get him to see the doc, just in case. Yes, that means your bloke will have an examination. But tell him not to worry or be embarrassed. Half the world has a pair of testicles – and his doctor might even have some.

Bottom line – better safe than sorry… Cop a feel today!