These extremely cute baby animals are still adjusting to life in the big wide world – and bless them, they haven't quite mastered the art of balance, direction and co-ordination. We love these cute, clumsy and rather comical little ones!


Puppy defies gravity

This adorable Boston Terrier puppy has clearly discovered the joy of a plateful of tasty food. It seems, however, he may be enjoying it a bit too much, and has trouble keeping himself grounded. Lucky some help’s to hand! Too cute!


Baby elephant boo-boo

Baby elephants have to be among the cutest yet most uncoordinated baby animals –and this little one is no exception. This extremely cute calf shows us that if at first you don’t succeed – try, try and try again!


Lion cub does front flip

This poor lion cub is having trouble balancing on a tree branch – so much so he winds up carrying out a rather uncomfortable looking front flip off his head. He gets back up for another go…but alas it gets him again! Not so scary just yet…


Penguin face-plant

Another animal having to face tricky walking conditions is the very cute and often comical penguin. This hilarious clip shows the little fella face-planting the ground after unsuccessfully avoiding a rock in his path. But this unlucky chick simply get ups and shakes it off – probably hoping none of his mates saw!


Kitten chaos

This cute little mischievous pair love to play and explore. Hilariously though, they haven’t quite got the hang of accurately (not to mention gracefully) jumping and reaching where they want to get to. At least these kittens are thinking outside the box!


Have you seen any other cute clumsy baby animals? Do let us know in the comments below!