Think salad, fruit and veg is good for you? We're not so sure after reading about these unfortunate healthy eaters...


1. Crunch!

Fancy a bit of crunch with your healthy watercress, spinach and rocket salad? Well that’s just what poor Berenice from Bayswater got when she discovered Larry the locust lurking along the leaves… Nasty surprise for sure, but she should think herself lucky he didn’t bring his whole swarm along!

2. Ribbit!

Over in Hampshire, what nasty surprise do you think was hiding in a bag of salad leaves in the fridge? A live pool frog! Bet Christina, who’d just chomped through most of the greenery in her lunch, was hopping mad!

3. Tweet!

A romantic candlelit dinner for two. What more could you wish for? Well, probably not a five-inch dead bird in the salad! That was the grisly find made by James and Jasmine in Gloucestershire. That’s one bird that definitely wasn’t singing for its supper…

4. Finger food!

In Buckinghamshire, a chef put more than his love and skill into preparing a side salad at a pizza restaurant. He cut himself chopping red peppers, and later a diner found herself chomping down on a piece of his skin with a human nail attached! Nasty surprise indeed! Thought biting your own nails was bad enough!

5. Bugged!

The salad may have been labelled “Nutritious”, but Jenna from London didn’t expect to find a one-inch beetle among the beetroot. Sure the thought of the beastie has been bugging her ever since…

Nasty surprise - a beetle on a forkful of salad


6. Scaly!

Ian in Derbyshire got a scaly surprise in his bag of ‘wild’ Italian rocket when he spotted six-inch long lizard crawling about inside. Definitely a bit wilder that Ian had expected…

7. Slimy!

Daisy, in Kent, aged 2, was more excited than usual by her mum’s broccoli and cauliflower bake – then Mum realised why. There was a snail in it! Bargain – don’t you usually have to pay extra for snails in posh restaurants?!

8. Leggy!

A family in Southport came face to face with the last thing they expected when washing a bunch of grapes – a poisonous black widow spider! At least there were enough legs to go round…

9. Squashed!

Jenny in the Isle of Wight almost sliced through a dead gecko when preparing salad for her grandson. Luckily she spotted it squashed onto the cucumber inside the shrink wrap. Don’t know if we could have kept our cool!

10. A double nasty surprise !

And if you’re thinking of ditching the greenery and going back to baked beans on toast, think again. Maggie in Chepstow discovered a dirty dishcloth baked into her loaf of bread, while an unfortunate cook had a big shock when he opened a catering tin of beans – he found a whole dead rat inside. The sauce of those rodents!

Hand holding a nasty surprise - a dead mouse



Have you ever found anything horrid in your food? Let us know!