Train stations are bustling places with thousands of people passing through their doors every day. But do the dead join us for a journey to the other side? Tickets ready please, ladies and gentlemen, for the trip of a lifetime - step into these haunted train stations from around the world..!


1. Union Station, Phoenix, USA

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Union Station used to be the most important travel hub in the city of Phoenix until an airport was built, taking over as the main way to travel to and from Phoenix. It closed in 1995 and since then has only been used for tourist trains.

It’s now been converted into offices and is haunted by Fred the ghost!

Employees there have witnessed a figure running through the offices and the attic is very rarely ventured into due to a ‘presence’ sensed in there!

Doors have also opened by themselves for no apparent reason. Maybe Fred’s letting in more spooks for the next train ride out…

2. Glen Eden Railway Station, New Zealand



The railway station at Glen Eden was originally built to carry the deceased to the nearby Waikumete cemetery so it’s not hard to envisage the paranormal activity there!

In 2001, a cafe opened after major restoration work, and since then it’s been said to be haunted by the ghost of Alec McFarlene.

In 1924, the unfortunate McFarlene was struck on the head by a mailbag hook on a passing train that killed him instantly. Since then, many people have witnessed him waiting for a train, dressed in a trench coat and top hat. He disappears into thin air when approached. Another cafe worker saw a spectral face at a window, probably wondering what the special of the day might be…

3. Caobao Road Subway Station, China

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The Underground station Caobao Road on the Shanghai underground system is a full-on haunted station! Could the 9 mysterious deaths there be causing trains to break down for no reason and physically shoving commuters around the station?

After a girl in red committed suicide, she was seen a few days later sitting alone on a platform seat. A disembodied woman’s voice cackles away along the tracks late at night when the station’s about to close.

The most chilling story though is the commuter who fell off a platform onto the tracks. An eyewitness said he didn’t jump or slip, but was pushed by ‘something’. All this paranormal activity is probably due to the fact that the station is very near a mortuary.

4. Addiscombe Railway Station, England

Ben Brooksbank

Ben Brooksbank

Before it was knocked down to make way for a new tramlink and housing estate, Addiscombe station and the carriage sheds around it were plagued by the ghost of a dead train driver!

In the early 1900s, he was killed on the track and there have been views of him strolling round the sheds and line long after his demise.

Since the demolition of the station, he’s taken to strolling round near the houses just off Capri Road nearby. Probably still waiting for the 9.05 to Victoria…

5 Begunkodor Train Station, India

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Begunkodor is a small village 161 miles from Calcutta where a white-sari-clad spectral lady haunts the station. After an unfortunate accident with a speeding train, her spirit decided to haunt the station from then on. She’s been spotted dancing on the platform or wandering forlornly along the tracks spooking a rail worker so much he died shortly afterwards. So scared were his co-workers by this, they abandoned the station until it was re-opened in 2009.

6. Connolly Station, Ireland


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Being Ireland’s biggest – and Dublin’s main – railway station, there must be some paranormal activity there, right? Oh yes, indeed there is!

Since suffering bomb damage from 1941, spectral soldiers have been spotted around and in the building itself.

A sighting of a soldier dressed in grey walking along an unused platform prompted an investigation by Irish ghost hunters. Poltergeist activity has also been reported in the offices there.

7. Panteones Metro Station, Mexico

Demon Slide

Demon Slide

All aboard now for a trip to Mexico on our haunted train stations from around the world trip! Panteones station is a an underground stop on the Mexico city metro and is full of paranormal goings on.

Panteones literally means cemetery/mausoleum in Spanish and being built next to two old cemeteries makes this station a ghost hotspot.

The tunnel between Panteones and Tacuba stations is the place to be if you want to experience unexplained phenomenon. Knocks on the walls are heard inside, and shadowy shapes come and go when people approach them. Ghostly screams also echo along the tracks once you’re in the station when the station closes at night.

8. Bishan MRT Station, Singapore

Terence Ong

Terence Ong

Bishan’s MRT station (MRT stands for mass transportation system) is built on the site of the former Bi Shan Teng cemetery. Reports of unexplained events have been happening there since 1987 when it was erected.

In the early 1990s, a woman leaving a train fainted. When she came round, she told concerned onlookers that invisible hands had groped her as she exited the doors.

Workers in the station talk of coffin bearers pacing the tracks, disappearing headless figures appearing, and ghostly passengers milling all over the station.

Oddest of all, are the footsteps on the roofs of the trains as they move out of Bishan…

9. Waterfront Station, Canada

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The busy Waterfront station in Vancouver has been chockablock with passengers since 1915 and is one of the most haunted buildings in the city.

The ghost of a woman from the roaring 20s has been seen by a security guard late at night, dancing to that decade’s music. As he got closer, she disappeared into thin air and the sounds abruptly stopped.

Another poor guard was spooked out by the ghost of an old woman who reached out to him in a blazing white light.

Poltergeist activity is rife as well. One night, a guard attempted to leave a room and the furniture moved to bar his way. Obviously, he fled in terror!

Also ghostly figures wander the rails and unexplained footsteps have been heard late at night at the Waterfront…

10. Macquarie Fields Train Station, Australia



Think the quaint-looking station in Macquarie Fields southwest of Sydney doesn’t look like it would harbour a blood-soaked ghost? Think again..

At nighttime, the spectre of a teenage girl wanders the deserted station, screaming whilst clutching her bloody chest. She’s also been seen by numerous people sitting in the station, moaning mournfully whilst staring straight ahead.

Not the happiest spook around..!


Here’s a spine-chilling video of a ghost caught on camera in a station in Holland! Yikes!!!