Meet the spooks haunting London's famous Tube...


The London Underground’s history dates back to 1863. Since then, it has grown into a network of 270 stations and 11 lines spanning across the city. Connected by countless tunnels, many Tube stations are built on historic sites, including plague pits and other burial grounds. Is it any wonder that ghostly sightings have been reported by passengers and Tube workers alike? We take a look at some of the ghosts of the London Underground…



Sarah Whitehead was close to her brother Philip, a cashier at the Bank of England. However, it was found that he’d been forging cheques. After being arrested and tried at the Old Bailey, he was found guilty and hanged in 1811. This tragedy drove Sarah to insanity. For the remaining 25 years of her life, she’d come to the Bank every day, dressed in black and asking if anybody had seen her brother. Nicknamed The Black Nun, Sarah’s ghost is believed to walk the platforms and passageways of Bank station. Other witnesses have reported strange smells and overwhelming feelings of sadness and hopelessness as they’ve passed through…


Elephant & Castle



This south London station has seen its fair share of ghostly goings on. Footsteps running along the platform have been heard when the station was deserted other than staff, and workers have also said they’ve heard doors opening and shutting, as well as the sound of door knocks. A woman is believed to get on the last Bakerloo-line train, walking towards the front, then disappearing into thin air. The scariest sighting of all has to be this one, though… It’s been reported by some people that reflected in the window is somebody sitting next to them – except there’s one problem. They’re alone in the carriage. Eeek!



Back in the mid-1970s, there were major works going on in the Northern City Line tunnels. A few workers there claimed a man in blue overalls would approach them. It didn’t seem that strange, until a look of sheer horror and panic would suddenly appear on his face…before he disappeared. In 1975, there was a tube crash in this part of the station, killing the driver and 42 passengers. Some believe the driver seeing this ghost may have been the cause. The reason for the crash has never been discovered. But could this ghostly apparition also have been a premonition of the disaster to come..?


Bethnal Green



During World War II, Bethnal Green station was used as a major public air-raid shelter. On 1 March 1943, it became the site of a major disaster after an anti-aircraft battery, being tested in a nearby park, caused a noise similar to bombing. Hundreds of panicking people rushed down the slippery, dark steps, and a woman tripped and fell near the bottom, causing more people to fall. In less than 20 seconds, people were crushed in the narrow stairwell, while hundreds more came down the stairs from the street above. In total, 173 people perished. In 1981, the station supervisor bore witness to a ghostly vision of this tragic event. Working on paperwork late at night, he heard young children crying. This noise grew, until he heard agitated women’s voices screaming, and the sound of what he described as ‘people panicking’. This went on for 15 minutes before he left to get away from it all.


Covent Garden

In the 1800s, William Terris, nicknamed ‘Breezy Bill’ was a popular Victorian actor on the stage, often playing action heroes. However, on 16 December 1897, while entering the Adelphi Theatre to prepare for the night’s show, he was stabbed to death by a rival called Richard Arthur Prince. In 1955, an employee of nearby Covent Garden station saw a man wearing ‘an old-fashioned grey suit with a funny looking old-style collar and light coloured gloves’. After seeing a picture of Breezy Bill, he said it was definitely the same man. It turned out Covent Garden station was on the site of a bakery from which Terris often bought food. Though his last known sighting was in 1972, staff at the station have reported spooky sounds and phantom footsteps in the years since…


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