Watch these funny babies scared of toys in this cute compilation.
Also with the added bonus of 2 more funny baby videos!


Check out these adorably funny babies who are scared of toys in this cute compilation, where even the most ordinary playthings give them a fright. Wicked we know, but so funny! This will sure make you think again about giving your little’un a singing bear!

Or you could try watching a selection of babies eating lemons for the first time in this hilarious compilation! Sour grapes? Nope! VERY sour lemons! “Keep ’em for the pancakes!” cry all the tots in this vid!

Or even better still, watch some little cherubs scared of breaking wind! Parps, trumps and squeakers all shock these little guys and gals! “Please no more beans!”is what these little critters might be thinking, judging by their shock at all the guffs caused either by themselves or Mummy and Daddy!


Does your tot make you laugh?