Turn your housework into an exercise workout! Each of these exercises can be done in the time it takes to boil a kettle (about 2 ½ min), so do them all every day and over a week that adds up to almost 500 cal – the equivalent of a 5 mile run!


Devised by Betta Living with personal trainer Faye Tomlinson, now you can exercise and get fit without leaving the house!

Stretch, twist and burn

exercises-whilst-kettle-boils-2Even when you’re doing the cleaning and dusting, you can exercise! Tense your abdominals and suck them in (even for just 30 sec at a time) to work your core for that elusive flat stomach.

You can also clench your buttocks (glutes) ­ to burn calories as well as helping to tone up problem areas. Try standing on one leg for 30 sec, then the other,  and do 30 calf raises (getting up and down on tip toes) for toned calf muscles.


Window and laundry squats

exercises-whilst-boils-4Perform squats while cleaning windows, lifting the washing basket, or when cleaning inside your kitchen cupboards.

Squat low to the ground (feet shoulder-width apart, back straight, sitting down into your bottom) to get water on your cloth, and then stretch up high, moving arms in a circular motion to sculpt your shoulders!

These exercises give your arms and legs the perfect dual workout.


A clean lift


Use bottles of cleaning products to tone arms and start and end your cleaning session with gentle activities like running on the spot or jumping jacks ­ to warm up the body and then cool it down with stretches.


Who needs the gym? Will you be turning your housework into a workout?