You just know something bad is going to happen and yet you can't help but keep watching! Just goes to show that no matter how much practise you do and how on top of your game you are, sometimes it can still go horribly wrong.


Yep, that’s a faceplant!

1 American_olympic_diver_accident










We think this American Olympic diver might have needed more than paracetamol after clipping the diving board in such spectacular style.

Look out!

2 Long_jump_fail








This woman got more than she bargained for when she crossed the path of a long jumper in full flow…

I believe I can fly…

3 Gymnastics_springboard_break_stunt_gone_wrong










Top marks for diving?! Oh hang on… wrong sport…

Let it go!

4 Pole_Vaulting_Fails








When practising pole vaulting, it’s handy to let go of the pole…

Not the time for a dip….

5 Katy_Andrews_Steeplechase_Crash_BYU_Photo








This poor athlete took a fantastic tumble over a hurdle in her steeplechase event…

And talking of hitting hurdles…

6 Long_distance_hit_hurdle










As sporting fails go, this was a triple whammy, claiming three casualties…

Weight for it…

7 Olympic_Bloopers_London_2012_funny








Nope. This Olympic weightlifter just couldn’t quite manage it… those babybels just keep getting heavier and heavier!

Wheelie dangerous!

8 Olympic_Bloopers_London_2012_funny(1)








9 London_Olympics_BMX_crash_Marc_Willers_NZ_holeshot







In a quarter final heat at the 2012 Olympics only one rider managed to actually finish the race…

And finally….

10 Relay_fail








One epic relay fail!!


Have you ever suffered any embarrassing sporting fails? Hopefully not in the same style as these guys!