Thousands of years ago, the Fallen Angels wandered the Earth. But what became of them...and how can you tell if you're descended from them?


They were the Fallen Ones.

Not because they’d tumbled out of Heaven into the fraught and quarelling world of men far below.

But because they’d tasted sin.

There were the Seraphs, the highest order of celestial hierarchy, Satan, Leviathan, Beliel.

The Cherubs, Azazel, Beelzebub, Berith.

The Archangels, Adramelech, Sarfael, Zagiel.

Two hundred in all. Put on this earth by God, in a time before Jesus, a time even before the Great Flood when Noah built his Ark.

The angels, the Sons of God.

It was their job to be shepherds of humankind, to watch over man, take care of him, protect him, lead him in the ways of purity and goodness.

But some of those angels couldn’t resist the pleasures of human flesh. The pleasures of sex.

‘The Sons of God saw the daughters of men were fair,’ it says in Chapter 6 of the Book of Genesis.

What happened next was perhaps inevitable.

‘The Sons of God came in unto the daughters of men,’ Genesis continues. ‘And the daughters of men did bare children to them.’

God’s trust had been betrayed. The offending angels were cast out, became known as the Nephilim, which is Hebrew for ‘fallen’.

But what happened to the children born of a human mother and an angel father?

"Satan smitten by St Michael, scene from Milton's Paradise Lost. Engraving from 1870. Engraving by Gustave Dore, Photo by D Walker."

“Satan smitten by St Michael, scene from Milton’s Paradise Lost. Engraving from 1870. Engraving by Gustave Dore, Photo by D Walker.”

For answers, we have to turn to the Book of Enoch.

The Book of Enoch is an official part of the Bible only in certain Christian traditions, like the Ethiopian Orthodox Church.

But it describes in great detail how the Fallen Angels taught their wives and children, instructed them.

And for the first time, human beings had knowledge.

‘Azazel taught them how to make swords,’ the Book of Enoch says. ‘Kokabiel taught astronomy, Penemuel instructed humans in the art of writing and reading…’

And because God believed all this knowledge was corrupting mankind, he sent the Great Flood.

Soon, humanity was washed away, along with the Nephilim and their children.

It would be up to Noah to start over again.

All of which sounds like a rather far-fetched story taken from books written thousands of years ago.

But what if it were true? And what if the Nephilim and their children survived the Flood somehow?

Chapter 10 of the Book of Genesis tells how the children of Noah’s oldest son Japheth left the Holy Land and populated Northern Europe.

But some experts believe those weren’t Japheth’s children at all. They believe Japheth had been killed by a Nephilim who assumed his form and had children with his wife.

Which might sound even more far-fetched than before. Until you consider the evidence.

The Nephilim and their children were said to have a reddish tinge to the hair on their heads and their pubic hair, pale skin, hazel eyes, a tendency to high blood pressure and a higher than average IQ.

Sound like anyone you know?

It certainly might. And if you tick any of those boxes, you might be descended from a Fallen Angel.

A reddish tinge?

A reddish tinge?

But there’s more… Scientists have identified a blood type that may well be the blood type of the Nephilim.

Rhesus Negative.

Blood types are broken into two groups. The first is a letter, A, B, AB and O. The second is the RH, or Rhesus Factor, which is positive or negative.

So, for example, the most common blood type in the world is O Positive.

Most people have a positive blood group. A, B, or AB positive. 85% of the world’s population in fact.

So, what of the 15% with a negative blood type?

Scientists argue the Rhesus negative blood group originated in the Holy Land 35,000 years ago.

And it originated suddenly, like it was introduced to the human genetic code from an outside source.

Now, however, it’s practically unknown in the native people of Israel, Jordan, Palestine and the Lebanon. It’s practically unknown in most parts of the world.

Except Europe.

Most of the people with negative blood types live in Northern Europe.

Where Japheth’s children settled.

About 40% of Northern Europeans have an RH-negative blood type.

And that means that approaching half of Northern Europeans could be descended from the Fallen Angels.

But were the Nephilim angels?

Just like the Jewish and Christian texts of the Books of Enoch and Genesis describe angels coming down to earth from Heaven, so many other ancient cultures describe visitors from the stars.

Notably, the ancient Sumerians.

The ancient Sumerians believed that a group of god-like creatures called the Anunnaki came to earth to lead men, to guide them. Two hundred Anunnaki came, to be precise. Just like the angels.

The Anunnaki taught the Sumerians to read and write, to build and to become civilised.

It’s a striking parallel. Especially as the Sumerians lived in the part of the world we now know as Iraq, not far from the Holy Lands.

Could it be the Sumerians and the ancient Jewish peoples weren’t encountering angels or gods?

Could they have been encountering aliens?

And have those aliens now populated Europe with their children?

It’s a far-fetched theory. Like the story of the Nephilim is far-fetched.

But so far-fetched it might just be believable.


Is Lucifer your grandad 75 times removed?

If you’re intelligent, have fair skin that burns easily and have a reddish tinge to the hair on your head or to your pubic hair, you may be descended from a Fallen Angel like Satan or Lucifer. You might want to consider a blood test to see if you’re an RH-negative type. And you might want to book a trip to Madrid. In the city’s Retiro Park you’ll find the world’s only public monument to your ancestor, Lucifer. And if Lucifer is your ancestor, he’ll be your grandad approximately 75 times removed.

The Lucifer monument in Madrid's Retiro Park (Photo: Press Association)

The Lucifer monument in Madrid’s Retiro Park (Photo: Press Association)













A statue is seen in Madrid's most popular park, April 29, 2005. A beautiful angel named Lucifer, wrought in bronze, its mouth agape in horror with fang-baring snakes coiled about its legs, looking foreward as it falls from heaven. It is a statue of the devil. Madrid is believed to be the World's only capital city with a public statue representing Satan which has stood in the Retiro park for more than 100 years. (AP Photo/Manu Fernandez) ** EFE OUT **

A close-up of the Lucifer monument (Photo: Press Association)