From the bizarre to the idiotic, every year the emergency services are inundated with thousands of daft 999 calls. Here are our pick of the most bizarre...


Even though many of these daft 999 calls made are funny, the hotline is meant for life and death emergencies, not to report your pizza hasn’t turned up or someone’s just stolen the parking space you’ve been waiting for.

In 2006 an alternative 101 non-emergency hotline was set up, but unfortunately people are still making daft 999 calls to report trivial matters, many of which the police and other emergency services don’t need to know about.

Listen to a few of the more daft 999 calls West Midlands Police has recieved….

PLEASE NOTE: It is a criminal offence to make malicious or hoax emergency calls. Accidently triggering a call is not an offence, but you should stay on the line to explain this, in case the police are sent out.


Have you heard of any other ridiculously daft 999 calls?