If this lot was presented to the formidable business entrepeneurs on Dragons’ Den we think the inventors would be shown straight back into the lift! But somehow they actually exist and people have even paid money for them! See if you agree that these are proper mad!


1. Toilet Roll Cover by Etsy


Horror of horrors, we get to see a spare loo roll in all its terrifying glory! Better make a nice little cover to put over it. Don’t disguise it enough to make it invisible as guests may need it if the roll on the holder (which we are allowed to see) runs out!


2. Toothpaste Tube Wringer by The Gadget Flow


Nowadays, toothpaste often comes in fancy dispensers where you can get it all out. However if you’ve got a tube, when it gets down to the last bit, don’t simply reach for a new one, use this ingenious winder to get the last out. Waste not, want not…


3. Fish-shaped Corkscrew by nerdapproved.com


They look dead fancy, there’s a reason for that, they cost a fortune! What do these amazing-looking gadgets do then? Open wine. Yes, just like that trusty corkscrew you’ve had in the drawer for years. But that didn’t impress your dinner guests. It’s official – you’ve become a show-off!


4. Novelty Scissor Holder by Etsy


Kids love these. We do, too.Yes, they’re silly and unnecessary, but they do keep scissors safe and easily to hand. Plus when you go to get your cutting implement, this will make you giggle.


5. Banana Protector by Banana Guards


Is your poor banana really in so much danger that it needs to be protected? Apparently so. That’s why this Banana Guard exists. Pop your curved yellow fruit inside and worry no more. It’s safe now… (other fruit protectors are also available, as you can see).


6. Paper Doilies by Razzle Dazzle Rose


They do little to protect any surface you place them on. Yet we trust doilies as a material to put underneath things like plants that often leak when watered. It seems some people think they’re pretty. Guess they’re not the only things in life that are attractive but ineffective (naming no names)?!


7. Holey Shoes by River Island


Sandals, we understand! They’re to keep tootsies cool in summer. We mean shoes that completely cover your feet, all except for a tiny peep hole that allows your toe to poke out. Especially unpleasant if you suffer from fungal nail infection!


8. Individually-toed Socks by Shiny Shack


No point whatsoever in these. Gloves with fingers are fine, we like the freedom to wiggle our digits individually. But toes are used to being together and there is no benefit whatsoever to separating them.


9. Cuppa Cover by Etsy

Unknown copy

Pop a coaster on top of your tea if you want to keep it from cooling too quickly or stop flies or wasps having a slurp when you’re not looking! Do you really need to invest in a specially created cover complete with beads to weigh it down over your cup? Some folk obviously think so.


10. Slanket by The Slanket.com


Onesies are wonderful. Slob out in one on the sofa in front of the telly. Slankets, though, not so wonderful. Basically a blanket with arms and once you’re ensconced inside and have to nip to the loo, be careful because you might trip over the blimmin’ blanket-like thing.


11. Electronic Salt And Pepper Mills by John Lewis


When you first get them you think they’re fab. But once your mills run out of batteries, you have to remortgage your house to buy more. Each takes four A4 batteries which ain’t cheap. Not to mention that dinner guests thought they were manual so tried to grind them by hand which just opened them and covered their food in whole peppercorns and chunks of rock salt.


12. Mustard Pot by Etsy


Has anyone EVER used the little mustard pot that comes in a cruet set? You know the one, it has a little lid and the smallest spoon in the world. You can always put the jar on the table and use a knife. You can even get the hot stuff in squeezable containers nowadays.


13. Teabag Saucer by Taste of Britain


Talk about adding a middleman! Make a brew, remove teabag and place it on a tiny little saucer next to the kettle. Then, at another point, you need to bin that teabag. You could have taken the mug over to the bin (the food recycling one, of course) and popped the teabag in at the beginning, instead of adding an additional step to the teamaking process.


14. Grapefruit Spoon by John Lewis


If you eat lots of grapefruits straight out of the skin, then serated-edged grapefruit spoons are useful, as long as you don’t eat the fruit directly off them as they’re really sharp. Also, if they’re just hanging out in spoon drawer with the others and you don’t notice it’s a vicious version, you could be in for a painful shock!


15. Electronic Fan by Marks & Spencer


About as effective as a gnat’s fart! Pathetic little electric fans actually have less power than a manual one. Even a newspaper or magazine waved in front of your face will give you more relief from the overbearing heat than one of these! Safe to say, we’re not fans (sorry)!


16. Sleeveless Jumper by Dazzle Dancewear


It’s chilly, so you’ve put on a jumper to keep warm. But what’s this?! The jumper has a polo neck, but no sleeves! What you don’t need is a watm torso and neck, but freezing-cold arms! However, that’s what you’ll get if you’re wearing a polo-neck sleeveless jumper. You may think you look stylish, but you can bet everyone looking at you is saying: ‘She can’t be warm in that!’


What are your favourite crazy inventions? Let us know below…