Brown, white, spotty or shaggy - not all cows are the same!


Aberdeen Angus

image of Aberdeen Angus cow


Tough, undemanding and good natured – these usually black beef cows make delicious meat.
Did you know… The average cow produces as much as 10 tons of manure each year…and cow farts are responsible for 4 per cent of worldwide greenhouse gas emissions and a third of the UK’s!


Belted Galloway

image of belted galloway cow


Calm and placid, you can’t miss these black shaggy-coated dairy cows with the distinctive white belt around their middle.

Did you know… Like humans, cows form close friendships and choose to spend much of their time with 2-4 cow-friends. Cows kept close to their mates give more milk than those kept apart. They also hold grudges for years and may dislike particular cows!


Dairy Shorthorn

image of dairy shorthorn cow


These pretty, docile dairy cows have been around for 230 years and were originally bred from a bull named Hubback. Their rich milk is often used to make yummy cheese.
Did you know… Cows can be identified by their nose prints, and a group of 12 or more cows is called a flink.



image of Herreford cows


With a characteristic white face, front and belly, this beef breed can be traced back to Roman times.
Did you know… Under the Metropolitan Streets Act of 1867 cows may not be driven down a British roadway between 10am and 7pm without police approval.



image of highland cow


If the horns point up, it’s a she, and if they point forward it’s a he! With long, thick hair, these handsome beasts are incredibly hardy, live a long time and make great mothers.
Did you know…The gestation period for a cow is nine months – the same as humans.


Holstein Cow

image of holstein cows


You’ll see these black and white dairy cows everywhere, and while they make look alike, each one has completely unique markings.
Did you know… When let out into a field after long periods confined indoors, cows show their excitement by jumping and running about like little kids!



image of a jersey cow


These pretty doe-eyed cows are the second largest breed of dairy cows in the world, with milk that’s rich in colour and flavour.
Did you know… Cattle like to sleep close to their families, and sleeping arrangements are determined by individuals’ rank in the social hierarchy of the herd.


White Park

image of whitepark cows


This ancient beef breed is a real looker! In 1973 there were only 60 left, but now there are more than 750. During WWII, Winston Churchill even sent three of this protected breed to the US for safekeeping.
Did you know… Cow Bingo is played annually in the town of Ystad, Sweden, where people bet on where a cow will drop its cowpat in a field marked in squares.


Have you spotted any other unusual breeds of cows in the countryside?