You know what they say about pop stars and footballers not being able to keep it in their pants! Here's the proof.


When normally dapper footie coach Pep Guardiola ripped his trousers during a big Bayern Munich match, you just know there’s something amiss in the trouser department. But fear not, Pep, you’re not the first famous face to go all free and easy down below, as this bunch of performers know only too well…


Olly Murs

Cute Olly sang that he needed a dollar – and indeed he did, to buy some new strides! A floor slide at the end of his song led to a pair of ripped trousers and a nice bit of air circulating down below.

Embarrassed Olly mouthed his apologies at the end of the song, but the show had to go on and as he launched in to a slightly more sedate number while perched on the edge of the stage, Olly kept his modesty intact by first cupping his hand around the offending hole and then grabbing a dodgy old towel as a cover-up.


John Barrowman

John Barrowman wasn’t quite as sheepish as Olly when he heard his seams split. Instead of hiding behind a towel, he turned his back on the crowd, bent over and revealed all! OK, John, we get the message – you’ve ripped your pants!

The wardrobe malfunction seems to bring out his Scottish heritage! Maybe he’s thinking about wearing a kilt next time!


Kanye West

Rapper and self-proclaimed ‘Louis Vuitton Don’, Kanye wasn’t quite as dapper as usual when his trousers came a cropper at the crotch during a performance. At least his wife Kim Kardashian might be able to offer him some advice on coping with the attention of the whole world looking at your bum!


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