Oh, James!


Follow these two easy steps to find out your Bond Girl name…


Step 1: Take the initial of your first name…


A Sugar

B Kitten

C Hex

D Sylph

E Bunny

F Spark

G Barbette

H Caramel

I Bliss

J Abundance

K Sultra

L Lumiere

M Citrine

N Sacred

O Lyubov

P Bonbon

Q Smitten

R Godiva

S Chatelaine

T Doe

U Cascabel

V Mamba

W Dulce

X Tango

Y Peaches

Z Fabbrica


Step 2: Take the initial of your surname…


A Snapdragon

B Charade

C Carnelli

D Elver

E Sterling

F Baccarat

G Completely

H Moonflower

I Copperfield

J Flatiron

K Gripp

L Ravish

M Bourée

N Wand

O Sissonne

P Imfurst

Q Shadow

R Morhead

S Blaise

T Katt

U Krug

V Belladonna

W Hemlock

X Wildsilk

Y Valentine

Z Golconda


Eg. Jane Smith: Abundance Blaise


Remember – enjoy your new name responsibly. Don’t end up like poor Jill Masterson in Goldfinger… 

Jill Masterson screenshot