Feeling stressed? Then try this bath yoga workout!


Bath yoga has been devised by Niki Wibrow and Matalan Direct.  It’s up to you how much time you spend on each move, but around 4-5 slow breaths would be a good starting point. You can increase this up to 8 breaths if and when you feel ready.


Reverse plank pose


Sit on the side of the bath, holding the bath with both hands. Extend both legs forward away from the body. Raise your bottom up towards the ceiling, then lift your chest up high and squeeze your bottom.

Seated half lotus pose


Sit on the edge of the bath, spine lifted and long. Place the side of the right foot on top of the left knee, flex the right foot and allow the right knee to drop down towards the ground. Complete the posture on the opposite leg.

Seated side stretch


Sit on the edge of the bath. Place hands either side of the hips, resting on the bath. Stretch the left arm up towards the ceiling and over towards the right side. Repeat the posture on the opposite side.

Wide stance spinal twist


Take a wide stance with the bath behind you, feet facing forward. Place the left hand down in between both feet. Rest the right hand onto the lower back, rotate the right shoulder back and fully extend the right arm up from the shoulder. Repeat the posture on the opposite side.

Seated baby pose


Sit on the edge of the bath. Round the spine and sink the upper body towards the thighs – curling the body into a ball .Wrap the arms around the knees.


image of bath yoga ustrasanaStand in the bath. Relax the upper body forwards and down over the legs. Legs are straight and active.

Uttanasana with a flat back


As for Uttanasana. Sweep both hands up the shins and then rest the flats of the palms onto the shins. Roll the shoulder blades back, extend the spine forward and away from the thighs. Keep the legs straight.

Seated Om


Sit in the bath, kneeling. Rest the backs of the hands on the knees. Make an O shape with the thumb and first finger. Soften the remaining fingers and close your eyes.

Assisted Ustrasana


Kneeling in the bath, rest both elbows and forearms on the side of the bath. Sliding the elbows back behind you, push into the hands and then raise the chest up towards the ceiling. Squeeze the bottom and lift the pelvis towards the ceiling.

….and finally, extended Ustrasana


As for assisted Ustrasana. Rest the left elbow and forearm on the side of the bath. Extend the right arm up towards the ceiling, slightly lean back towards the heels. Repeat the posture on the opposite side.


Notes: Always follow expert advice when practising Bath Yoga. Be mindful of slippery surfaces and take necessary precautions to ensure your safety.  If you’re pregnant, disabled or suffering from an injury, always consult a doctor before undertaking any form of exercise.