Sometimes we do a double take when walking past a mirror. But when animals see themselves in the mirror, they normally they think it’s a mate or new challenger. Their reactions are priceless!


Excitable bearded dragon

dragon2. Animals vs mirrors

Hello, hello, hello! Who are you? Want to be my friend?


Playful pup

bulldog-pup. Animals vs mirrors

Play with me! I love playing games… come on!


Cheeky monkey



Does my hair look ok? Yes, looking smooth!


Curious cat


Hey, are you stuck in there? I’ll save you! Wait… this is harder than I thought!


Cantankerous caracal

Caracal and its mirror image.


Who you looking at? Huh, punk!


Puffing peacock


I’m really hot, you have nothing on me. All the ladies love me!


Persistent pug


Why are you copying me? Stop it!


Vain squirrel

Is it my turn? Can I use the mirror now?


Confused chameleon


I love this song, let’s dance! Take my hand… Wait… Oh no!


Who do you reckon won the war of animals vs mirrors? Does your pet do this too?