Did you know that the Abracadabra Lucky Charm is one of the oldest and most powerful protection charms in history?


We’re a superstitious lot, aren’t we? Always touching wood, avoiding walking under ladders or stepping on pavement cracks? And as for black cats! Blame it on the ancestors! They were a whole lot worse than us.

It might seem irrational to some 21st-century minds, but the belief that an object or action can influence an outcome lies deep in the psyche of people all over the world!

We’ve been carrying lucky charms around with us ever since ancient times to ward off evil and bless us with good fortune.

And we’re still doing it today. The commonest ones in 2015 are a horseshoe, four-leaf clover, wishbone and a lucky penny.

Fortunately for bunnies, a rabbit’s foot isn’t as popular as it once was!

But thousands of years ago, the Abracadabra Lucky Charm topped the list.

People would wear it around their necks to ward off illness, a practice which died out in the 19th century.

So if you’re in need of a greater force for the good, you’re in the right place.

Got a headache that you can’t shift? Period pains killing you? Or need protection from a bully in the workplace or at school or college?

Let’s go and weave some magic!

To create the Abracadabra Lucky Charm, find a pen and paper.

Then write the word Abracadbra down 11 times, each time missing off the last letter:












Well done! See how easy it was to create the most powerful charm.

Have a think – if you need to! What or who do you need healing or protection from?

Ask for protection and healing and start chanting the words.

Or roll the paper up into a thin tube and  carry the Abracadabra Lucky Charm as a talisman in your pocket or wallet.


Have you tried it out? Let us know!