We've put together our top 7 wedding proposals – they range from adventurous and magical, to the plain romantic!


1. Wakeboarding

If you’re a couple that love water sports then this is one way of making sure you surprise your partner!

It probably helps if you’ve already mastered wakeboarding before giving this a go – the effect might not be quite so romantic if you fall off the board before you’ve popped the question!

2. Photo booth

Molly got the surprise of her life when Kevin proposed to her in a photo booth – an intimate setting that also captures your partner’s surprise reaction. Genius!

3. Flash mob


This public square in Macedonia was the setting for these incredible flash mob dancers to help pop the question!

4. Magic trick

A picturesque wedding proposal helped by magic trickery…

5. Cinema

This takes the cinema date to a whole new level…

Matt tells his girlfriend Ginny he has to work on a Saturday and gets her brother Charlie to take her to see a film. As the trailers begin to play, Ginny hears a familiar voice on screen and soon realises this isn’t a normal film!

6. Skydiving

The sky’s the limit with this wedding proposal, especially when the skydiver drops the ring… leaving his future fiance thinking it’s been lost for ever!

7. Rock star

A wedding proposal of rock star standards, featuring Bono and Keywest… Cliff wanted to propose to his childhood sweetheart and captured the magical moment on camera as Keywest played Fiona’s favourite song on the summit of Killiney Hill, Ireland.

8. And then if all else fails…

Maybe you can convince them to plan the moment for you, without them even realising… Hayley thought she was planning a surprise party, not her own engagement!


Would you say yes to one of these unusual proposals? Let us know!