Think only humans play sport? Think again! We've found 3 remarkable mutts who could put most of us to shame with their 'pawsome' sporting skills.


1. Petey the Basketball Dog

Clever pooch Petey certainly knows his way around the basketball court. He can aim, he can shoot and he can score – easy! He uses a special volleyball that is soft on his mouth and wears booties to protect his paw pads on the hard ground. We’d definitely want Petey on our team, after all, he’s bound to be great at dribbling!



2. Jumpy the Parkour Dog

Jumpy – a border collie from Miami – is one spectacularly skilled dog – performing tricks and jumps even the most professional parkourists would be proud of. This remarkable mutt certainly lives up to his name. Jumpy isn’t just skilled in the parkour world –  oh no – he also lists talents such as skateboarding, diving and backflipping to catch a frisbee! Here he is in action.


3. Gracie the Surfing Dog

Surfing pro Gracie is a bulldog from Hawaii. Gracie’s owner says his pooch is never happier, more excited, or more lively then when she is in the ocean, surfing or swimming. (And assures us she is in very safe hands when in the water!) You can even visit Gracie at the Ty Gurney Surf School in Waikiki, Hawaii. We only wish we were as good at staying above water!


Have you seen any other amazing dogs playing sports? Or do you have your own pets that have any special skills! Do let us know!