These cute guys want to play hide and seek with you! How can you say no to their adorable little faces?


1. Attention seeking prairie dog

animals playing hide and seek cute Prairie Dog popping out of a hole


I’m over here! I always like to make a dramatic entrance. Oh, sorry, was I supposed to be hiding?


2. Cautious chipmunk

Chipmonk in bag hiding


Are you sure it’s safe out there? What was that noise? Can’t I just stay in my hiding place?


3. Sociable owl

Owl animals playing hide and seek


Hoo are you? I’ve not seen you around here before… Are you hiding too?


4. Mischievous squirrel

squirrel popping out of a tree stump


Peekaboo! Did I surprise you?


5. Playful polar bear

polar bear playing hide and seek


I’ll count to 10, you hide….


6. Curious cat

animals playing hide and seek cat hiding under table

How did you find me? I thought I had the best hiding place ever!


7. Copycat raccoons

copycat racoons


I’m hiding in here! No, I’m hiding in here! Hey, I was here first!


8. Matey meerkat

meerkat watching from his hole


Hey, you! Come and hide with me in here. They’ll never find us…


9. Cheating rabbits

cute rabbits animals playing hide and seek


I promise I’m not looking! I’m covering my eyes…

No, he can’t see you either, don’t worry.


10. Sorry seal

cute seal


I couldn’t hide any longer. It’s cold and wet down here…


11. Silent Sugar glider

Silent Sugar Glider animals playing hide and seek


Shhhh… You’ll give us away!


12. Genteel gerbil

gerbil playing hide and seek


Oh OK, you’ve found me. I thought my hiding place was brilliant. You’re good at this….


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