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Martin and Lisa Price have decided to avoid traditional parenting methods in favour of a controversial new philosophy.

Their 2-year-old son Max is being raised as gender neutral, with the hopes of growing up with a stronger understanding of and sensitivity towards women.

Lisa describes gender neutral parenting as giving Max ‘the freedom to choose between stereotypically male and female clothes and toys without judging them.’

This appears to be working, as Max enjoys playing with both cars and dolls, and regularly switches between shirts and trousers and dresses and painted nails.


‘He loves pink!’ laughs his mum, who also says that his favourite dress is his black one decorated with pink flamingoes.

Dad Martin is perfectly happy for Max to follow whatever path in life he chooses, regardless of what aspects of which gender he ascribes to, believing that it’s ultimately down to him.

Though gender neutral parenting might not be for everyone, Martin and Lisa hope that the technique will give their son a good grounding in life, and provide him with the confidence to overcome any obstacle he may face.

‘He’ll become whoever he is without society telling him that he has to be a certain way,’ says Lisa.


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  • Lana Voreskova

    I just feel sorry for Max, because when he begins to grow up there are going to all kinds of negative repercussions because of what his parents are doing to him. Just imagine for example his first day in school with other boys, all of whom will see pictures of Max in his dress sooner or later. Max is being set up for a lifetime of torment and insecurity and serious metal health problems by these idiots; all so they can revel in their meaningless mantras about something called “gender equality.” Their duty as parents is to do the best for Max. Instead they use Max as a tool in their own quest for their own egotistical moral superiority.

  • There are claims of what Max likes to do, yet the video shows the unhappy boy clearly clothed by his mother in a dress, then having his nails painted (which, personally, I think is inappropriate for any child of that age). There is a damaging confusion between allowing a child to develop without stereotypes, and the impostion of stereotypical behaviours of the wrong sex.

    A little boy (or girl) does not need ‘a better understanding of women’ (he doesn’t even need to understand men at that age) nor can possibly get an understanding of what it is like to really be a female when endowed with a male body and brain. The bland assumption that it is beneficial in any way has been disproved ever since the first such experiment in Canada, of a boy so conflicted he committed suicide as a young man.

    Allowing a child freedom of expression is one thing. Pushing perceived gender stereotypes, especially of the wrong gender, is child abuse. Sexist, manipulative, brain-twisting, anti-social, child abuse.

  • Sue Boclair

    I can see some eventual problems down the road…

  • Cathy Zerby Walker

    Well, I hope they live in a rural country setting and plan to home school him. However, eventually he’s going to be with other kids who are going to make fun of him for this. It makes no sense to me to start your kids off in life struggling and always on the defensive side because of a not necessary decision the parents have made.