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‘Every woman has a dark side, and I personally like bringing it out in them… When I say someone belongs to me, I’ll make sure every single inch and every single drop of them belongs to me.’

These are the words of Pedro Rebelo, from Hertfordshire, a real-life Christian Grey. He claims to have converted ‘high 300s’ of women into BDSM. But he insists that the use of whips and chains is empowering for women.

‘I will never, ever put my hands on a girl until she begs me to do it. No matter how long I have to wait, how long she has to be tied up for, how many things I have to do to her, she will beg for every single thing that I do to her.’

His casual partner Amy is one of the women that Pedro has introduced to the world of BDSM. However, it seems she might have wanted more than he was willing to give. ‘I think Pedro thinks sex is all about physical and no emotions attached, but I think there has to be emotion for you to be able to trust someone, to be able to be so vulnerable.’

The key to domination is confidence, says Pedro. And he appears to have no lack of it himself. And judging by the reaction of the women on the streets of Hertfordshire who were introduced to Pedro, ‘he’s certainly got a certain something’.

Pedro, who has written his own series of explicit books, is quick to acknowledge that E.L. James’ Fifty Shades phenomenon helped to raise the profile and acceptability of his world, and the latest book from Christian’s viewpoint will no doubt reignite interest in BDSM. ‘It’s given me a wider shopping list because people are more open-minded,’ laughs Pedro.