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Busty Claire Smedley claims she’s blessed with the biggest breasts in Britain – a whopping 40MMM – weighing an incredible 2.5st each.

Claire says, ‘It’s got to the point now where I’m terrified they won’t stop growing.’

Claire's got a love-hate relationship with her sizeable assets

Claire’s got a love-hate relationship with her sizeable assets

When Claire was 11, she went for her first bra fitting and discovered she was a C cup.

‘Mum and Dad joked that I went to bed and came downstairs the next morning with massive knockers,’ she says. ‘At the time I was so embarrassed. Girls at school used to unclip my bra strap during assembly, while boys stared at my boobs as though they were from outer space.

‘I used to sleep on my front hoping they wouldnt grow any more.’

But by the time Claire turned 12, shed shot up to a DD cup.

‘Everyone always thought I was older than I was. Sometimes the bus driver wouldn’t let me on with a child fare – it was so humiliating.’

Claire at the age of 15

Claire at the age of 15

By the time Claire turned 16, they’d swelled to an H cup.

‘I was told to cover up in my local church in case I led the men into temptation,’ she says.

But the advice from the church had the exact opposite effect on the teen.

‘I was angry. So I decided to rebel, getting rid of all my turtle necks in exchange for spaghetti string tops. Even though I didn’t like my boobs, they were a part of me. I was tired of pretending to be someone I wasnt.’

By the time Claire turned 18, her boobs had grown to a J cup, swamping her tiny size 6 frame.

‘I looked ridiculous, though I always received appreciative stares from men. I desperately hoped that the growth spurt had come to an end because I’d started to get scared. I didn’t know what I’d do if they kept on growing. I considered a breast reduction, but the thought of a surgeon hacking away at my breasts terrified me.’

Claire, who claims her 40MMM breasts are the biggest in Britain, says she has started to make a glamour modelling career off the back of them.

She has participated in topless photoshoots at £150 a pop for websites, and now hopes to conquer Europe with her assets.

‘Ive got a lot of fans in Germany, so it would be great to go over there and tap the market,’ she says.

Claire has considered a breast reduction

Claire has considered a breast reduction

But behind the glitz and glam, Claire reveals that having big breasts is not easy.

‘I get back ache all the time. And doing simple things, like tying my shoelaces or running after the kids, is impossible.

‘Shops never stock my bra size, so the only option is to get one tailor made, but that costs £200.

‘And while some women might like the attention from men, not all of it is flattering. In fact, most of its rather unimaginative – ‘get em out’, ‘look at the size of em’ and so on, but when someone tries to pull your dress down in a bar, it’s not funny.

‘Sometimes, when the straps on my top have snapped under their weight, Ive come home holding my clothes up and desperate for a breast reduction.’

But for Claire, it isnt an option. Weighing 20st, her BMI is too high for surgery. She would need to lose 8st for a reduction to be carried out safely.

‘Sometimes I do think I would like a reduction, but I know Id need to lose weight first. Even so, I dont know how Id feel having smaller breasts. I dont know if Id be the same person and it would most certainly end my modelling career.’


    I used to have big breasts (36FF/G) many years ago and had wanted breast reduction surgery since the age of 13! Much to my dismay I was actually turned down by two GP’s and told to come back after I had children (my breasts grew bigger)!! In the end I had private surgery to reduce them down to 36C (£4k).

    I was so scared of surgery, especially when the surgeon drew on my chest to map out where he was going to cut (must admit I did lose my nerve and demanded a pre med’) but determined not to go through more intimidation, back ache, depression, sores, not able to find cheaper comfy bras or swim suits, unwanted attention, humiliation in front of men and women, depression, neck ache, not sleeping comfortably and even not being able to properly breast feed my children because I was just too big!!

    After surgery I would like to say that it was the best thing I ever did!! I have never looked back ever! It gave me confidence , all of my health issues stopped, I could go into Primark and buy cheap bras!! Most of all is that i feel i look more in proportion and can wear clothes that look good.

    I understand that you can earn money from modelling, but in the end it’s your health and possibly your self confidence that will suffer! Sometimes people can exploit the fact that you have large boobs to their own advantage. I was wondering would it be an idea to do the modelling and save to have private surgery if you were able to lose the weight.
    I really wish you all the best of a healthy happy life! x

  • GLC

    Yes! As someone in the US who is a 38H at 175 pounds, I feel your pain. Boys teased me horribly in middle school and I haven’t had a colored bra other than black since I was 14! They do make great pillows tho I’ve been told, so there is that 🙂 Big boob Solidarity ftw lol