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‘There’s a really nice camaraderie – I think it’s a good thing.’ So says Valerie Darger of choosing to share a husband with her twin sister Vicki and cousin Alina.

In-demand Joe Darger is more than happy to have his hands full. Polygamist Joe says it’s ‘a blessing’ to have three women there for him, and they even share details of their unusual set-up on their blog, Love Times Three.

The question most of us probably want to ask, is how do they cope with bedtimes. Simple, there’s a rota. Alina explains, ‘We have a rotating night basis. One night with me, one night with Valerie, one night with Vicki, and it starts over again.’

The sharing seems to works judging by the number of children in the house, but Alina does admit that jealousy can be an issue – especially in the beginning.

So how does it feel to be a child with three mums? Vicki’s daughter Liesl says it’s ‘really awesome’ to have three different relationships with three different mums, but she’s still closest to her biological mum.

Is there a chance that Joe will choose to add to his number of wives? He insists he’s content, but he’s keeping his options open – ‘never say never,’ he says.

  • SupernaturalSuperman

    Am I really the first person to comment on something? Weird. If that guy can read this comment, shit if I could be with my wife and her cousin I would. Not because of Poligamy, sex, or some thressome bullshit. But because my wifes cousin always seems to find men who verbally and physically abuse her and her I had a fling sort of thing before I met my wife. So the history and connection are there and I guess if I could do it I would because I’d know that nobody would abuse her ever again. (I was the exception btw, I’ve never abused any woman nor my wife). Im the only man my wifes cousin has been with in her entire life who hasnt abused her. Well her father and brother have never abused her so technically 3 men but only 1 romantically and that was me (before I met my wife). Her cousin.