You know, just because you live right beside somebody your whole life and share the longest unprotected border in the world, doesn’t mean you have a whole lot in common. Here’s the 11 ways Canucks – like this writer, who lives in London – are more like Brits than the Yanks…


1. We don’t mind our nickname

Canuck rhymes with luck. Brit rhymes with fit. Yank rhymes with… well, you get the drift. Which is why we’ll be nice and stick with the proper names for this list.

2. We like the letter ‘u’ too

This is how we spell honour, humour, colour, neighbourhood etc. Americans drop the ‘u’, probably because it’s silent, a concept slightly difficult to comprehend. And spell.

3. We start drinking while we’re still teenagers

student drinking









In Canada, the legal drinking age is 18, like in Britain. In the States, it’s 21. So American kids spend all their time in uni getting illegally drunk. Whereas British and Canadian students can just get on with going to the pub.

4. We don’t carry guns

It’s not in our nature. Or constitution. And like in Britain, guns are hard to buy – they’re not for sale at your corner shop, like, say, in midtown Detroit.

5. We ‘get’ music

cat dancing






Remember rave music? Of course you do, you started it. We were clubbing and dancing back in the 90s too. But that repetitive beats scene was waaay too alternative for the American music business so they re-branded rave culture and now it’s this really commercialised sound called EDM. Even cats can dance to it.

6. We have a dollar coin like the pound coin. And our bills aren’t all green

Americans still have a paper dollar bill. Their government has tried to introduce a dollar coin, but American citizens can’t seem to get their heads round the fact that a coin can be worth something. So they stick to their dollar bill, which is green, like all their other bills. Coloured bills, sorry, colored bills are a bit wacky for them.

7. We have universal health care

Yours is called the NHS, ours is Medicare. The United States is the world’s only democracy without free health care for every citizen. But hey, they can advertise prescription drugs on TV!

8. We do terrible in the Olympics too

human curling








OK, the 2012 Games in London went pretty well but basically, like us, you’re not up there with Russians, Germans and the Americans when it comes to winning medals. We’re great at Winter Olympics but nobody cares about them. Except curlers.

9. We’re not flag-crazy

Ever watch an American film where the Stars and Stripes doesn’t make an appearance at some point? Neither have we. And we don’t hang giant Maple Leaf flags from our houses either. Hey, we even used to have the Union Jack as part of our flag.

10. We have radio stations without commercials

Our public service broadcaster is called the CBC, and it’s basically modelled after the BBC. We do have shouty stations with loud, annoying ads but they sound just like American ones.

11. We don’t go to church much

homer in church







About 20% of Canadians attend church regularly, in Britain it’s 15%. More than 40% of Americans go to church once a week. Even Homer does. Guess that’s why God blesses America.

  • Jamie Meier

    Why is a dollar coin a good thing? I lived in Europe twice, once in the 90’s for three years and once in the 2000’s for 3 years. I experienced all kinds of fun coins – why would I want heavy one dollar coins (which as you pointed out we have, but don’t use) when I can have ten one dollar bills in my wallet and not even noticed it’s existence until I need to buy some mcdonalds, budwieser, or whatever other item you learned that Americans all consume? One dollar/Euro/whatever coins can eat a dick.

    Music. Really, Americans don’t get it? What generation are you from? Electronic music began in the U.S. To be specific it’s a Detroit/Chicago creation. I know, I know, many non-Americans like to discredit the U.S. role in creating house music and techno in general, feel free to search the net for sources that suggest otherwise, then get back to me. We had raves when you were probably a child, and so what?

    Drinking age, I agree that our drinking age is idiotic but that doesn’t mean that I didn’t get smashed from some vodka when I was 13…not impressed. I also moved to Germany when I was 13 and went to clubs as early as 14, big deal. For the record, at the time the age requirement to enter a club was 16 until midnight in Germany. The second time that I lived there I was a man with giant man balls and therefore was unaware of age limits.

    Radio stations; we have stations without commercials too, you just don’t know what they are. Nice fail you god damned failure 🙂

    Church. It depends on where you live. The country has 320 million people, those trying to generalize the “yanks” suffer from what I call small country syndrome. You just don’t understand how we could possibly be so different – we are.

    Yanks. Yankee is a word that people from south-eastern U.S. call people from the north-eastern U.S. Period. Unless you’re a confederate rebel, King George III, or a dumbass from the U.S. south that can’t let go of the civil war, you really have no business using the word yank. That IS one way that you’re similar to the British, The British&friends (most English speaking countries) love using this word even though they don’t even know what the fuck it means and sound like morons in the process. Find a new word. I’m sure that you can think of some fun new derogatory word that you can use to refer to people from the U.S. We don’t like this nickname because, well, it’s idiotic.

    Flags.. I don’t care enough to comment.

    Healthcare. yes we’re failing in this area. While healthcare for profit certainly advances the field and pays the shit out of doctors which makes it a more desirable position, not everyone can afford it. Bummer. Nice for you to have nice things given to you based upon your being born in Canada.

    I work in the service industry in Hawaii and I interact with people from all over the world, which, as you might have guessed, includes Canadians and the British. I hate to tell you but you’re more like Americans than the Brits, not that there’s a whole lot of difference between the three of us to begin with. Once thing that the two of you DO have in common is that you both ruin tea. The British ALL put milk in their tea while a significant portion of Canadians do the same. Why? Leave the motherfucking milk out of the tea and enjoy your tea, and to think that you have the nerve to suggest that it’s the right way. The non-British&friends part of the world disagrees. Oh, and stop putting the Queen of other countries on your money, hello?