Over 30 weird and wonderful records were broken at this year's race on 26 April. Here are some of our favourites...

1. Dressed as a crustacean

Fastest marathon runner dressed as a crustacean

Guinness World Records

Giles Lock got round in 3 hours 24 min. At least he didn’t pull a mussel.


2. Superhero

Fastest marathon dressed as a superhero

Guinness World Records

The fastest of this year’s record-breakers was Paul Martelletti who came in at an elite time of 2 hours 30 min. Marvel-lous!


3. Four-person costume

Fastest marathon in a four-person costume

Guinness World Records

Andy, David and Ian Newman and Neil Hendy completed the course in 6 hours 23 min, six minutes faster than the previous record. Bob’s your uncle.


4. Carrying a 40lb pack (female)

Fastest marathon with a 40lb pack (female)

Guinness World Records

Eva Clarke didn’t weight around. She ran the marathon in 4 hours 32 min with this massive backpack.


5. As a bird

Fastest marathon as a bird

Guinness World Records

The new category of fastest marathon dressed as a three-dimensional bird was achieved by Bob Johnson in 5 hours 50 min. He must’ve been flying.


6. As a musical instrument

Fastest marathon as a musical instruments

Guinness World Records

Thomas Jones ran this one in 4 hours 26 min. He’s certainly no quitar.


Reckon you would beat any of these London Marathon world records? Let us know…