For most, holidays are a time for fun, laughter and making memories but it seems that some people are never satisfied! Just check out these tripadvisor reviews!

1. The Pyramids of Giza, Egypt.

Sphinx and Pyramid


“…it’s boring, it’s blocks on top of blocks…the one good thing about the sphinx is its right next to McDonalds…”


2. The Leaning Tower of Pisa, Italy.

Pisa, Piazza dei miracoli.


“Not even straight…the tower is wonky.”


3. The Eiffel Tower, France.

Eiffel tower, Paris. France.


“…when you got to the top you couldn’t see the Eiffel Tower in the view.  Terrible experience.”


4. The London Eye, UK.

London Eye in afternoon sun


“Worst than tooth extract or eating a raw onion.”


5. Hampton Court, UK.



“NOT allowed to wear/bring your OWN Tudor costume…Only KIDS are allowed to wear costume!”


6. Angkor Wat, Cambodia.

Angkor Wat before sunset, Cambodia.


“Boring…It’s just a bunch of fancy rocks on top of other fancy rocks, inside a hot jungle.  I mean if you’re into that kind of thing, sure.  I prefer American rocks”


7. The Louvre, France.

The Louvre Pyramid in Paris


“Zzzzzzzzzzz stoooooopid…no snakes, no adventures…once inside, zzzzzzz!”


8. Anne Frank Museum, Netherlands.

Canal Prinsengracht and Anne Frank House of Amsterdam, Netherlan


“Skip the lines, rude workers – got to Auschwitz instead.”

“I don’t really know about Anne Frank, we don’t have her on Twitter so not sure what she’s up to now but I found this experience totally boring!”


9. The Statue of Liberty, USA.



“It was bad cause I don’t like the sight. It’s just a statue.”


10. Stonehenge, UK.



“A pile of large bricks in the middle of a field…the dullest sight in England…”

“I was disgusted to find this was just a few rocks to look at and nothing to do.  They should knock it down and build an arcade or funfair…what a silly place.”


11. Mount Rushmore, USA.

Mount Rushmore National Monument, South Dakota


“Just look at the back of a quarter, not worth the trip.”


12. Big Ben, UK.

Big Ben


“…It’s just a big clock and the whole experience left me unsettled.”


13. Christ the Redeemer, Brazil.



“The world’s most highly over rated…hahahaha…wonder of the world!  Just a concrete pillar.  I spent a total of 5 minutes here.”


14. Uluru, Australia.



“It’s a rock.”


15. St Peter’s Basilica, Italy.

St. Peters Basilica on the St. Peters Square in Rome


“…the Disney World of Christianity…”


16. Angel of the North, UK.

Angel of the North

PA Photos

“Fortunately the ‘Angel of the North’ is on a motorway with a national speed limit so you do not have to spend long here.”


And finally…

17. Niagara Falls, Canada.



“Bucket List?  More like bucket of sh!t!”


Happy holidays everyone!