You only know if you've been there, man... so pour yourself a Mug Shot, put your feet up and read our fave Slimming World experiences. How many have happened to you?


1. You’ve never been that hot at maths but you can suddenly count the Syn value of any meal in your head like you’re Rain Man.

2. You’re as obsessed with your next stone ‘shinies’ as a little boy with a Panini World Cup sticker album. Sadly, swapsies aren’t allowed…

3. When you learn that there’s a recipe for Slimming World friendly Syn free chips you realise there is a God.



4. When you don’t plan ahead, you end up having weird meal combos to make sure you get your fruit and veg speed foods in. Slimming World fry up with a side of broccoli, anyone?

5. Your herb and spice rack is suddenly overflowing…

6. … and so is your Tupperware cupboard.

7. A stategically timed wee before a weigh in can really make the difference and help you lose that extra 0.5lb.

8.  Your partner starts complaining about your dreaded ‘Slimming World farts’.

9. Your mind boggles at that one woman in group who moans she’s not losing weight with one breath then brags about her weekend binge with another…

10. …Apart from the week when that one woman is you.

11. This is how you feel when someone in your group reaches their target…

Screen shot 2015-06-23 at 15.17.15

12. You know appoximately 300 recipes that include Quark.

13. A Friday night Fakeaway is better than a take away ever was, right.

14. You panic when the supermarket is out of Fry Light.

15. Between official weigh-ins your bathroom scales must be avoided at all costs. But you can’t resist tiptoeing onto them to check after an especially saintly weekend.

16. If something isn’t cooked in the Actifty, it’s done in the slow cooker.

17. After upping your water consumption, you spend much more time running to the loo. That counts as Body Magic, right?!


What Slimming World experiences have we forgotten? Let us know in the comments box, below!

  • Ardia McKenzie

    Slimming world does not teach you of any “evils” rather it helps you keep everything in moderation so any thing with sugars and fats will be a syn and they teach you to have syns but within the 5-15 boundary. I think maybe you did not get a grasp on the plan holistically and may have failed because of that. do try again and ask for more guidance. I have lost 1 stone so far in 1 month and I have been able to enjoy cakes, pies, alcohol etc. You just have to lead a balanced life style. good luck

  • Nicola Brady

    Your friends wonder if you’ve developed an addiction to illegal substances because you’re constantly debating whether you’ve had enough speed today!

  • Teresa Brophy

    Cund have said it better bravo 🙂

  • DanzMacabre

    Angry much?

  • Ellen Mooney

    I lost 4 stone on my own……on my own…and then a further 2 1/2 stone through my local slimming world group,friends,family,support,laughter tears,I love my slimming world family I’ve made some life long friends there,people with the same problems as me,I don’t feel brainwashed,I feel a part of something,and with all my weight issues I need never again feel Alone. Well done on your own personal weightloss.and well done to each and every brainwashed slimming world member that has helped me change my life…ps 2 years on I’m still a target member…who doesn’t pay a penny!!!

  • Claire Mcmahon

    No call for such a mean response!! I know ppl can do it on their own and not pay any money. Some ppl…myself included…need to b paying every week or wudnt stick to it. I’m 2 stone lighter and it’s worth every penny!!

  • LSH

    Well done. You can do it without any help or encouragement. You are amazing. Is that what you wanted to hear?

    One size doesn’t fit all, and this is one way someone can find help and support for their weight loss. But I’m sure the next time someone wants to feel chastised for making positive changes in their life they will give you a call.

  • Lisa Jane Allen

    Wow! You ladies are seriously brain washed…I lost 3 and half stone ON MY OWN without paying someone to weigh me every week and preach at me that what they claim works….SYN free??? Ha….you do know that a Mullerlite yoghurt that is apparently syn free (so potentially someone could eat more than one thinking they are not “synning”) has 7.8 gramms of sugar!! Eat two of those a day and you may as well eat a Kinder Bueno!!!

    Wake up, eat properly, get some exercise and save yourself the money!!!

  • Teresa Brophy

    I have lost 2 1/2 stone for first time in eight year I am healthy more active than I have been in years and as for rip off when I got club 10 target loss I got a free week our leader does draw giving free week if I sign up for countdown I get 12 weeks for price of 9 hello please don’t criticise one lady from group was diagnosed Diabetic at Xmas joined in Jan and never ended up taking her medication for her condition because she cured it through Slimming World

  • Collette

    You clearly did not understand slimming world then. I have followed the extra easy plan and have lost 4 stone so far. They just teach you how to get a healthy balance in your diet. Everyone knows that sugar and fats are bad. No one needs a company to tell them that, it’s just common sense.
    Quite honestly, slimming world is the best thing I’ve ever done.

  • Helen Reynolds

    So your either never done slimming world or didn’t stick to it!! It has changed a lot of people’s lives and made them feel happier about themselves. What is wrong with that????

  • Lisa Jane Allen

    Slimming World is a rip off….you do not really educate people that SUGAR not FAT is the evil in a diet…..after all why would a BUSINESS want people to actually L:OSE weight….