You'll only have one more. Honestly. Just that one for the road. And it's Sunday night and you've got work in the morning...sound familiar?! Here's 7 reasons to stay booze-free this week.

Beer, wine, spirits or cocktails…..sometimes your favourite tipple can make you go for a topple!

Check out these clips of peeps who have possibly had one too many and 7 reasons to stay booze-free this week…

1. Getting dressed will be a doddle….



2. You’ll get to all your important meetings on time….



3. You’ll be up to speed with all the daily news…



4. You’ll get everything on your shopping list…



5. You and only you will decide when you need a hairwash…



6. You’ll save on the headache pills….



And finally….

7. You’ll get everything on your to-do list done by Friday!