These classic films are all turning 41 this year - doesn't time fly?!

1. Jaws


Of all the classic films that turn 41 this year, this is surely the most iconic. From the opening menacing music to the appearance of the ferocious-looking (mechanical) shark, this tense  shocker had thousands of people on the edge of their seats and hiding their eyes back in the 70s, as a police chief, a maritime scientist and a fisherman set out to save the community of Amity from a marauding great white shark…

Did you know?
The shark in the movie was nicknamed Bruce.
The man’s voice on Quint’s radio is actually that of Steven Spielberg.


If they made a movie starring the great white shark and The Loch Ness monster, would it be called Loch Jaws?!

What do you get if you cross Flipper the dolphin with Jaws?
An animal that bites you in half then saves you from drowning!


2. The Rocky Horror Picture Show


The cult, camp classic features Meatloaf on a motorbike, as well as Tim Curry as Dr Frank-n-Furter in basque and fishnet stockings and the film’s writer, Richard O’Brien, as the creepy Riff Raff. Inspiring thousands of people to dress up and sing along at screenings over the years, the movie also has its devoted followers who take props to the cinema for use at specific points of the film…

Did you know?
Meatloaf has no spoken lines – he only sings
In some scenes you may notice Easter eggs – they’re the ones that weren’t found when the film crew had an Easter-egg hunt!


3. One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest


Atrocious Nurse Ratched makes life as unpleasant as possible for McMurphy (played by Jack Nicholson) after he pleads insanity to escape jail. Stuck in a mental asylum, he tries to liven up the tedious and repetitive existence of the inmates, and eventually leads a breakout, which is doomed to failure.

Did you know?
The fishing trip scene was filmed at the smallest harbour in the world – at Depoe Bay Oregon.
Many of the hospital patients and extras in the film were actual inmates at the Oregon State Mental Institution.


4. Monty Python and the Holy Grail

Monty Python and the Holy Grail film poster

One of the foremost comedy crews of the time took to the big screen with a story of King Arthur and his knights on a madcap search for the Holy Grail. Many of the characters die in ever more ridiculous ways, and the film is dotted with their trademark silly songs.

Remember these quotes?
‘I fart in your general direction!’
‘We are the Knights who say NI!’
‘You must cut down the mightiest tree in the forest… with a HERRING!’
‘Oh it’s just a harmless bunny, isn’t it?!’ (after a killer rabbit has done for one of the men)
‘It’s only a flesh wound!’ (after the Black Knight has had his arms and legs cut off)


5. Tommy


With The Who headlining Glastonbury some 40 years after this rock opera came out, some of the classic songs from the film are surely likely to feature in their set. Roger Daltry played the deaf, dumb and blind kid, who on the strength of his pinballing prowess becomes a religious cult figure. With a host of musical stars like Elton John and Tina Turner in the cast, and cult actors like Oliver Reed, this film is likely to have people rocking in the aisles for decades to come.

Did you know?
The fire at the holiday camp in the film was real! The film crew accidentally set fire to Southsea pier and the footage of the blaze and the real fireman was used in the final cut.
Rod Stewart was originally intended to be in the film, but Elton John eventually played the role of Pinball Wizard.

I’ve just been listening to Pinball Wizard by The What. My teenage son said ‘It’s not What, you know, but Who, you know!’

How many coins do you need to play a Hobbit pinball machine?
The machines don’t take coins, they take Tolkeins!