With National Doughnut Week in the offing, I decided to see if I could pull a jammy one and beat the Guinness World Record for eating a single jam doughnut in under 9.86 seconds – no hands, no lip-licking - how hard could it be? Watch the video to find out...


Challenge accepted…

With National Doughnut Week (9-16 May) raising more than just flour for The Children’s Trust, I decided to show my support and highlight the worthy cause by beating a Guinness World Record.

All I had to do was eat one jam-filled doughnut in under 9.86 seconds, without using my hands or licking my sugar-coated lips.

No pressure…

So, I studied the current champion’s video, lined up my doughnuts and got the stopwatch ready.

Easy, right?


Let’s just say, they’re not called doughnuts for nothing!

During my first attempt I instinctively licked my lips at a rather rubbish 10.75 seconds.

Not one to give up without a, er, bite, I gave the record a second shot.

Two mouthfuls, and a lot more than 9.86 seconds later, I thought I was at least going to finish my sweet treat. Again though, my tongue took on a life of it’s own and, before I could stop it, I’d licked my top lip clean of sugar.

To be fair, it had taken me 35.06 seconds to chomp through a mere two-thirds and, lip-licking aside, the doughnut had turned to a gloopy, sticky lump I could barely swallow.

Epic fail! But a hell of a lot of fun.

Hats off to the current champion, he holds the record for a reason.

If you want to see how it’s NOT done, here’s my second failed attempt…