Do you think you've lived before? OK, so we can't all have been Napoleon or Cleopatra – but there may be signs in your current day-to-day life that you've been here – or somewhere else! – in a past life...


Inexplicable fears or phobias



It’s normal to be afraid of things that could harm you – dangerous animals, for example. But what if you have an irrational fear or a certain colour, number, taste or smell? Or perhaps it’s a place or situation – maybe you can’t stand being near open water, or maybe it’s even more specific, such as a fear of confessional boxes in churches! Or even clothing – a fear of scarves or hats or an intense dislike of a certain style.

If you’ve got a phobia of something and there’s no logical explanation for it, it could be an unconscious memory from a past life. For example, fear of a certain number could relate to a tragic anniversary in a previous existence. If you can’t bear to wear tight clothing around your neck, perhaps you were executed by hanging and have carried that feeling in a diluted form into this life. An irrational fear of a certain colour, red, for example, could point to an accident where you were struck by a red carriage or vehicle.

Recurring dreams or nightmares



Vivid dreams or nightmares that create an impression and linger in the memory after waking may actually be re-played scenes of a past life. These dreams are likely to begin and end at the same point – and the sequence of events won’t change each time you have the dream. Try keeping a notepad by your bed and jotting down the key events, symbols, people etc. from the dream to gain a clearer picture of what you may be remembering.

An attraction to a place or time



Are you obsessed with a certain time or place in history? Perhaps you love to read about Victorian London or medieval France, feel a strong attraction to a culture far removed from your own, or have an overwhelming desire to visit a certain location, or learn a certain language. Having a feeling of familiarity, longing and fondness for somewhere you have no discernable connection to could point to a past life.

Children’s ‘out-of-place’ memories



Little kids say funny things, but some are seemingly able to remember past-life details – sometimes with great accuracy! Maybe a tot – usually around 3 years old – will come up with something such as, ‘Remember when I was your grandma?’ or ‘When I was here before, I lived in a white house,’ or ‘My other mother used to make that.’ Things that make little sense to the parents, but the child is convinced of what they’ve said, and say it quite matter-of-factly. Perhaps these are little snippets of memories of a past life. Spontaneous recall in kids of places, people or even languages they have no way of knowing about is another sign they may have been here before. Did you say anything strange with you were little? Why not ask your family?

Other signs

– In some cultures, people will mark the recently deceased with paint in order to identify them when they reincarnate – you’ll know it’s ‘them’ if a newborn baby has a birthmark in the exact same place. Also, unusual birthmarks may be a physical memory of a past life, such as those that resemble wounds – bullet holes or arrow shots, for example.

– Passions, habits and addictions – some claim that these can have their root in a past life.

– Feeling a deep connection to a certain person – perhaps someone you’d call a soulmate – could be evidence of having met and known each other in past lives.

  • Mark Baker

    I’m not having a pop at the undead! Do you see any upset zombies around here?

  • Carli

    or maybe its just memory in a person’s DNA that’s being passed on, that is basically what instincts are.

  • I am so fascinated by this and truly wish I could remember mine. I’ve read some incredible stories about past lives though.